Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, today we FINALLY went shopping at Toys R Us with the gift cards my Mom sent for Sarah. We bought her a cute little pool with a slide and seat molded into it and some pool toys. Of course, I couldn't help but set it up and fill it right away so it could warm up during her nap and we could play in the pool after she woke up. You can see she looks a little sleepy still. She only slept for 1.5 hours and her average nap is at least 3 hours! She woke up when the phone rang and she was UPSET!! I tried everything and she wouldn't go back to sleep so I figured I'd get her outside and get her really tuckered and she went to sleep with NO problem tonight. Anyway, we had a blast in the water, she absolutely LOVES to play in water...the dog's bowl...the toilet if it's left open, and of course, the bath. For this reason, I knew that the pool would be a hit!

Thanks, Lao Lao for my new pool and toys! I wish you could be here to play in it with me and Mama!

Silly Little Girl!

Relaxing on the swing with Mama

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