Thursday, July 23, 2009

WANTED! Poster

Sarah got this cute poster at her summer camp for preschool today. They put a different reason for being wanted on each child's poster. Too cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Pretty Dress on a Prettier Girl!

Happy Belated 4th of July!

We're fortunate enough to live in the town that has a Parade, carnival, and fireworks for the fourth of July. Sarah won't let us miss the parade and especially the fireworks! We had a lot of fun and Sarah's finally old enough to get some candy and stuff that they throw at the parade. Some of the older kids were still getting it all and not sharing, but she still got plenty! She's not pushy enough and that's OKAY with me!
Here we are waiting for the parade to begin. We had to get there pretty early to get a decent place to see the parade and waited for a while.
Some cute pics of my girl...

Some people were selling snapper during the parade. Sarah had fun throwing them and then stomping on the ones that didn't pop initially!

Miss Liberty!
A really cool bike that clown's riding!
Yes, she has a USA bum!

Baba and his Girl waiting for the fireworks to start. What's with the closed eyes?
Being silly on her blanket!
Her favorite treat-a fruit & yogurt parfait

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sock Hop Anyone?

I'm a little behind here...back in June, Sarah's preschool had a sock hop performance for the parents. It was so cute, I took over 125 photos, and had a hard time narrowing it down for the blog!
Here's my attempt at only posting a few.
This is Sarah with Alexa before the performance began.

I took posted this shot because I thought it was really cool that I caught Sarah in the air Mid-Jump! I'm not even sure why she was jumping!

This is really cute. When the teacher would show them a photo of Elvis, the little boys would all say, "Thank You, Thank You Very Much" with their best Elvis voice. Then all the little girls would SCREAM their loudest like the Elvis fans would do! I think this must have been her favorite part.

Rockin' Robin

Blue Suede Shoes

Splish Splash!

Good Night, Sweetheart!
The Twist!

These somehow got a little out of order!

Little Swimmer!

This is my favorite of Sarah's drawings of her favorite thing to do. She drew this and painted/colored it at preschool. I asked her about it and I found the answers to be hilarious. First, she said she's wearing her purple swimsuit (she has one that is the exact color that she painted). Then I asked why she was on her back..."I'm doing the backstroke, Mommy!" Gotta love those swim lessons! Then there is the blue water and all the splashes (cute). I asked her where her eyes were..."You forgot to put my hair up, Mommy, and my bangs were in my eyes." (because if I do forget when she goes to swim lessons, that's exactly what happens.) She's so creative...and true to life!

My Little Mermaid

This is Sarah's new favorite dress of the season. Sarah's Lao Lao got it for her on eBay and it's her favorite princess, Ariel, fabric. She wants to wear it every day and would if I let her!