Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday in the Nursery

When Mama came to get me in the Nursery, I was having fun and eating crackers. She tried to get me to hold still for a picture...but I wanted to be silly, instead!

Saturday FUN!

On Saturday, Mama took me to the Park with Stacey and Shyanne and to a Fun Fair that turned out to not be so fun, but I got to go on the slide!
Hey! I see you!!!

I love the swing!!

Mama, Look over there! I want to go on that slide!
Thanks for the help, Shy!

Weeeeee, this is so much fun!

That was awesome!!

Here is where I got my face painted with a pretty purple flower


Last week, it was a really nice day...warm and sunny but, very windy! It's my fault, I told Sarah we couldn't blow bubbles unless it was sunshiney. SO...what did she want to do the minute that she woke up from her nap and saw the sunshine? Yes, you guessed, "blow bubbles, Mama!" Here she is having a blast with her bubbles...most of the time she didn't even need to blow them, the wind did it for her!

Look, Mama! The wind blew the bubbles for me!

Maybe if I stand against the car, the wind won't get my bubbles!

I love bubbles!

There has to be some in there, somewhere!

Hehehe...check out my windblown piggy tails!

This is SOOO much fun!

Ahhhh, Baba's tickling me!!

Just for Lao Lao

Lao Lao has been complaining to Mama that she hasn't seen enough photos of me lately. Mama's trying to get caught I was at church a couple of weeks ago.
It's over there, Mama!

Baba is rocking me back and forth, I really like it! can't catch me!

Easter Portraits

After church on Easter Sunday, we stopped by Wal-Mart to get a few things that I'd forgotten for Easter dinner. We were standing in line and I looked up to see the Portrait studio. I saw the gal sitting there, reading a book...then looked and saw Sarah with her pretty dress...then there was the sign for all those photos for only $5.88. So, I asked Troy, "let's go take a photo!" So, that is what we did! I know her hair is a little messy, but considering it's before nap time, I think she did remarkably!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Palm Sunday

I got some pretzels in Sunday School today! Yummy

Umm...Yes, Mama, I did get into your purse when you weren't's your chapstick...or what's left of it I got a little hole in my tights, then I couldn't keep my hands off it. Mama says I'm still cute, though.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Playin' at the Park

Today, I went to the park with Mama. It was SOOO fun! I love to swing, and slide, and ride the horsies. Lao Lao has been asking Mama to take lots of photos of me so she can see how big I am getting. She lives so far away in Ohio, she misses me a lot, so Mama put lots of photos of me, so that Lao Lao can see me!
I am going to ride this one, Mama!
Weeee, that slide was FUN!

Mama was pushing me on the swing!

I climbed up here all by myself!

Fly like an Eagle...

This slide is bumpy!
I like to pet the horsey!

I like to throw the wood chips around in the wind!

These slides are the BEST! WEEEEEE!!!

Thanks, Mama for taking me to the park! It was so much fun! Can we go again tomorrow?