Thursday, June 15, 2006

I just love that smile!

Here is our little angel. She woke up from her nap today in such a foul mood! Wow, she was crying and crying like she didn't want to wake up yet, but I went up there anyway cause it had been over 3 hours. She had a fit when I got her out of the crib! She arched her back, flung back her head, stiffened up her legs and tried to squirm right out of my arms! I changed her diaper and put her in the hallway and let her just scream! She didn't give up for over 15 minutes! I finally went up there and picked her up. This time she let me hold her and put her little head on my shoulder. I just rocked her and she calmed down. I almost thought that maybe she had a fever or something since she never acts like that! Just as I was holding her and sitting on the stairs, Troy came home. She usually is so excited to see him she starts screaming, "BA BA! BA BA!" and dancing and running over to see him. This time, she didn't even want to let him hold her or hug her. She just wanted Ma Ma! It reminded me of how she was in China when she didn't want Troy at all! She only wanted me. By the time she went to bed tonight, I was finally able to get a few smiles out of her and she had warmed back up to Troy. Her attitude was rather odd. She never acts like that! I guess we'll see how she is in the morning if she's coming down with something or what!

Here is a smile, I was FINALLY able to get!

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God-MAMA said...

Look at those pearly Whites!!