Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sarah with Santa

Well, we did it. We had to bribe her with a whole pack of gum, just for her. But, we did it! We got a cute photo with Santa!! As we waited and waited in line, she continued to tell us how much she did NOT want to sit with Santa. I told her she didn't have to sit on his lap, I'd be happy if she just stood next to him. Finally just before it was her turn, Troy offered a pack of gum if she smiled pretty for one photo with Santa, and it worked!! WOO HOO!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Sweet Little Girl

Times like these, I'm so proud of my little girl. Sarah had some birthday money left over and we went shopping. She found some fun leopard print flannel pillowcases that she insisted on buying with her money. When I was helping her put her change back in her ladybug purse, she got all excited and told me what she wanted to do with it.
"Oh Mama! I want to take that change to the people that ring the bell, so that I can help the kids have Christmas presents that don't have money for presents!"
It brought tears to my eyes to hear her say that!
Then a week later, we went to Wal-Mart and there was the bell ringer. She got SOO excited when she saw them and walked up there with her ladybug purse in hand. Emptied it out of every coin, and put it in the famous red collection pot.
It made me so proud of her, I can't even tell you.
Moments like that, I thank God that she's learning the good things and the bad ones aren't rubbing off! :)

Happy Gotcha Day!

We celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Sarah's Gotcha Day on October 31st. We went out to lunch with Bailey, Braden and Sarah's Poppa.
Here is Sarah opening her present that we bought her in China.

She loves here little beaded ladybug purse.

Halloween with Bailey and Braden

So, can anyone tell me how to load photos on blogger in order any more? Something has changed on me and they're loading all out of order! Anyway, on Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with some friends at the local strip mall. The kids had a blast. Afterwards, we went to the local indoor amusement park place with our friend Angie's church. There was nothing we could have done with them, where they would have had more fun than this. It was awesome.
This was Sarah's first try at bumper cars!

Here is Sarah with our dear friend, Miranda on the slide!

Bailey is in the back with another girl from the group that I don't know and there is Miranda and Sarah in the front of the indoor roller coaster!

Sarah and Bailey riding on the carousel.

Bailey is a baby, Braden is the Incredible Hulk, and of course, Sarah is a ladybug

Sarah's Preschool Halloween Party

My Little Ladybug had a Halloween Party at Preschool during the week of Halloween. She looked so cute, if I do say so. She had a lot of fun, too.

Sarah was helping them make their brew. She got to pick a lizard out of the bag and add it to the pot. (It was a plastic one, by the way)

Happy 4th Birthday, Sarah!

I had some major camera difficulties and lost ALL the photos from Sarah's birthday party! Very Upsetting! But, on the actual day of her birthday, she dressed in her Cinderella dress and we had a little cake we brought home from Olive Garden and sang to her. She's my BIG 4 year old!!

Swim Lessons

When My Mom was here visiting, I took the camera to Sarah's swimming lessons to get a few photos.
Here is Sarah with her teacher learning to swim on her back and float.

She absolutely LOVES the water...

Here is her Supergirl-she's learning straight leg kicks here.

And jumping in by herself in water too deep for her to touch!

You can tell how much she loves to swim!

October train ride

Okay, so I'm a total slacker when it comes to this blog. I have been super busy and haven't even had time to load anything here. Finally tonight I spent some time getting a little caught up.
Back at the end of October, Sarah's Lao Lao and her Gigi (Grandma and Great-Grandma) came for a visit to be here to celebrate Sarah's birthday.
On this day, my Mom treated us all to a ride on the Historic Railroad train ride through the mountains. It was a beautiful ride and Sarah absolutely loved it.
For some reason, blogger mixed up the order of the photos I loaded.
Here is Sarah on the train, enjoying the outdoor car.
Gigi, Sarah and LaoLao

my Little Flower

Half way through the ride, we stopped and stretched our legs. Sarah go to play on the playground for a little while.

Ya gotta love that smile!!

Me and my Noodle

Sarah and her Baba on the train

Enjoying the train ride!

Weee, this is fun!!

3 generations!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Christmas and Birthday Photo Shoot

While my Mom and Grandma were visiting, we went and had our photos taken at Sears, and they did a wonderful job. We were able to take Sarah a few outfits and did Birthday, Chinese Outfit, and Christmas Photos all at the same time.

Here is the one I picked for the Christmas cards this year. I love the look on her face in this one.

And our BIG 4 year old!!

Don't you just LOVE this dress? Lao Lao got it for my girl and it's so cute!