Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Care Package from my Lao Lao

So, You're wondering what you do in the car on the way home from the Post Office after picking up a care package from your Lao Lao?

You try on everything that Mama lets you get your hands on! Who cares if it's on the right body part? I look glamourous no matter what I'm wearing!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Just another fun day!

Well, I'm trying to get better at getting some photos of my little darling on a more regular basis so her Lao Lao doesn't nag at me for photos! :) I took these over the past few days just for fun.
UH, Yes, Mama...I will tell you exactly what I want, cause I'm just that kinda girl!

Shhhh, if you're really quiet, Mama won't hear me and know that I'm about to do something VERY mischievious!

Don'tcha just love that time right before bed when they get the "I'm sleepy" giggles? One of our favorite times of day! She's a little riot with a capital "R" at that time of night.

This is her "I'm taunting you to follow me cause I know you don't want me to get into stuff and I think it's really fun when you chase me" look!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look, Mama, I found my flower towel!

Sarah was so cute this morning, she grabbed her towel, and told me, "towe" In excitement, I said, "YES! Sarah, that's your towel!" Another word to add to the list I'm keeping that gets longer and longer every day! I love this towel, I got it at Sam's Club for only $4.81! What a deal, and she's super cute in it, too! BONUS!
Look at me! I found Mama's contacts case! WOO HOO, look out, here I go away from Mama's reach!
Now, Mama...I'm thinking you better let me take this thing off my head, or else!

More Pool Time Fun!

We went swimming with Sarah's Shay-shee (Stacey) last Fri and had lots of fun. They have that awesome Baby Pool and Sarah just had a blast. I was being a bit anal, however. It was her first time in the pool with her floaties and no tube to sit in, so I got a little freaked when she tripped in the baby pool and didn't know how to balance herself with those floaties on her arms. Never mind that it's only 16 inches deep. It took like 3 times of her getting a mouth full of water before she figured out to hold her head up as those floaties held her up in the water. I also freaked when I was sitting with her in the baby pool and she got out and sprinted for the big pool because Stacey's daughter, Shyanne was going for a swim and Sarah wanted to check it out! I barely got there in time to make sure she didn't drown. Of course, Stacey will say that she was fine...but the over protective first time Mama in me was freaking out!

Troy taught Sarah how to kick in the water and she loves it! Evidently, I was enjoying myself, too, by the laughter that was spewing from my face!

Sarah and Shyanne were playing catch with the ball, Sarah LOVED playing with Shy!

Aww, dontcha just adore that little face? She's not letting go of that ball, that's for sure!
WEEE, getting a little push from Shyanne in the big pool

There couldn't be a Mama more proud of her little one!

Awww...Sarah kisses are my favorite kind!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Again in our church dress!

Well, taking the camera to church lately has become necessary to catch photos of those cute dresses! Since no one was in the nursery to watch the kids and Sarah was the only child that was under 2, we just went to the cry room, so I broke out the camera. I was playing around with the settings on the camera and got a couple of cute photos in black & white.
Aww...Mama look I think this bear needs some hugs from me! He's really cute.
Talk about some good bear hugs!
Aww, isn't she the cutest?

Look, it's a little tiny bear, I think I'll kiss him!
I like to just sit here, this table is just my size!

Mama, maybe we can shopping now? I'm ready with my shopping cart!

Bears, bears, bears, they're everywhere!

Hmm, I haven't found any groceries yet, Mama!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Pool Side Fun

Today we had a blast! We went swimming with Shay-shee, as Sarah would say.(Stacey) It was so much fun! They had a little baby pool that was only as high as Sarah's waist and eventually she got bold enough to walk around and play, getting in and out on her own. She was adorable, as usual! Both Stacey and I brought our cameras so hope you enjoy!
Look, Mama! Shay-shee is swirling me around, WEEEEEEEE!
Here's my little baby doll sitting on the bench in the pool
Oh, yeah...I forgot to tell you all that Sarah took a little tumble in the driveway the other day. She wasn't looking where she was going and was distracted by a cute little pomeranian puppy across the street. She tripped and got some nice cement burn on her nose and upper lip. She cried and didn't help any that it was nap time! So, she's been going around showing everyone her OWIE! You can see it pretty well in the above pic!
She's so cute playing with the little foamie fish!
Mama & her girl!
I was bouncing her up and down in her little tube, she loved it!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bath Time!

Here I am having a bath before bed time and Mama couldn't help but get the camera. Especially when Baba tried to give me what he called, Alfalfa hair. I don't know what that means but Mama laughed! I LOVE to hold the "wa-wa" and spray the whole bathroom, it's really fun!

I like to spray everything!

I can get my spongee all wet and it looks like Baba needs a little wash...come here, Baba. Let me clean you up!

There's the spot, Baba, I can get it for you and you'll be all clean!

Monday, August 07, 2006

My Little Sleeping Angel!

The other morning when we were going to the zoo, I had to go in and wake up my Little Noodle, I couldn't resist getting the camera cause she was so cute!
My Little Sleeping Beauty! Don'tcha just love that bed head?

All spread and stretched out!

Uh-oh! She's waking up....STRRRRETCH!

Sunday Dress Clothes

Well, I couldn't resist digging out the next size up of Sarah's Chinese dresses. She's gotten so tall that I knew she'd need the length of the size 4. While we were in China, I couldn't resist buying her a number of dresses and outfits in every size up to the largest size for children. She should have a Chinese dress or outfit for every year til she's at least 12 if not older (depending on how the sizes end up running). This is the one we bought in Beijing at the silk factory. It was 4 times the price of the ones we bought in Guangzhou, however when comparing them you can tell a huge difference in the quality of the silk and in the workmanship. So, considering it was only $20, it was definitely worth it. Enjoy my little Chinese beauty.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out the red brocade squeaky shoes we bought in China to match!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bye Bye Bailey & Braden!

Well, Unfortunately, the kids left to go back home to Washington on the 2nd. We had a wonderful visit with them and did lots of fun stuff! We got to go to the park every day and have lunch and play on the "shlide" (Sarah's word for slide). We got to go to the movies 3 times, went to the zoo, went swimming at the local pool and at our friend's outdoor pool a bunch of times...I think it was 6 or 7. We went to the Library and learned some origami, that was fun. They got to go and play at another friend's house a few times. It was just a really busy month! We're really happy that they came to see us and we miss them a lot, already. It was really cute, the next day after we took them to the airport, Sarah stood at the top of the stairs that led to the basement, (where Bailey & Braden's bedrooms are) and screamed, "BAILEY!!!" and pointed down there. It was really cute, I had to tell her that they went, BYE-BYE. She still went down there to check for herself. She misses them a lot, too. It was a little difficult for her to get adjusted at first to them being here, she was jealous especially of Braden and how he and Troy were affectionate. Then at the end, she realized that her big brother loved her and she'd give him kisses on the cheek all the time. It was adorable. Here are some photos of their last day here.

Here are the kids and their Daddy at the airport minutes before they left on the plane.

Since we had plenty of time, their plane didn't leave until 6:20pm we went swimming one last time! Braden's playing with those noodles!

Bailey is going for a ride on her noodle!

Once we were dressed Sarah was causing havoc on the family locker room!

Look, Lao Lao-my pink bikini you got me looks cute, huh?

And here she is drying off a little with her towel/cover up that Lao Lao made her! Yeah it's a little big, so what?

Look Baba, I fit in the locker pretty well and my outfit even matches!

Okay Okay, Mama, I'll get out of the locker!