Monday, January 19, 2009

December's Play Date

For our December playdate, we went to the Zoo to see the special display of Christmas lights after hanging out at Emilie's house. We had a little birthday celebration for her birthday while there, too. It was a lot of fun. Sarah had a blast!

She just HAD to wear the birthday hat she got at Emilie's house the whole night. It was cute!

She rode the carousel, too. It was very COLD that night! So, we didn't stay long...

I know you can't see the front of her face, but she looks so happy!
We got these cool glasses, that were holographic. When you looked through them, you could see little snowmen around every light, even the moon! They were really neat!

Here are the girls over at Emilie's house before the zoo. Left to right is Emilie, Lia, a guest, Donna and Sarah.

Riding her BIG GIRL BIKE!

The first week of December, we had awesome weather! Troy took Sarah over to the park with her Big Girl Bike that her Poppa bought her for her birthday back in October. She did awesome riding it and had a lot of fun!
You can tell who did her hair this morning, and it wasn't Mama! I did choose an outfit for them though! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

QBOM 2008

Well, since my deadline for the drawing at the local quilt store was today, I was happy to stay up way too late last night to finish quilting this quilt and adding the binding. This is my 2008 Quilt Block of the Month project that I did with the class at the quilt store. It was a lot of fun. I learned some new piecing techniques each month as I worked on these blocks. Then there was always that fact that the first block was only $5 and provided I brought the finished block to class the next month the following month's block was free! You gotta LOVE that!! I was able to pick up the sashing, border, and backing fabric after Christmas for 60% off, too! I love the colors and thought I did pretty well with this one. This was also the very first quilt that I actually designed myself (I'm talking the layout here, obviously I followed the block patterns from the store each month). Anywhere, the colors are right up my alley and it was a lot of fun. This was also my first attempt with free motion quilting. Basically, that means that I made up the design of the stitching in the quilting. I had no pattern to follow or a stencil. I just kind of moved it around and had fun with it. I did do a table runner for a Christmas gift this year so in a quilt size, this was my first. Anyway, I liked it and was pretty proud!

Here is a close up of my favorite block. It was the most fun to make and there's something about it that I really like!