Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My little glamour queen

This evening we went to the field near our house so that Troy could fly his newest radio control least for the 5 minutes it took for him to break it (AGAIN!). Sarah and I sat in the car and played and watched Ba Ba chase the thing around the field every time it crashed. We had fun talking, playing and trying on our glamour queen (or is it princess?) glasses while we watched from the car. I took the camera in hopes to immortalize some cool flight patterns but came home with some sweet shots of my little fashion gal.

Mama, are you sure these things work?

Kisses to all my fans! MMUUAAAHHH!

Wait a minute...why can't I see straight?

Mama, You're being so silly! You make me laugh!

Am I not the cutest glamour girl you've ever seen?

1 comment:

Tawni said...

Sarah is BEAUTIFUL! She is such a doll! It makes me so excited tobring our Avery home - I don't think it could get here fast enough!