Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disney On Ice

Sarah's Lao Lao bought us tickets to see Disney On Ice and we went on the 14th. Sarah had so much fun, she's still talking about it and telling everyone! (friend, waitress, salesperson, etc!)
We were waiting for it to begin, and Sarah grabbed my neck and said, "I love my Mama!" Yeah, my heart melted.
Sarah and her Baba (again, he's closing his eyes...he's not 'high')

She got this adorable Ariel outfit from her Lao Lao last summer and her Poppa gave her money to buy her Ariel wand.

This was one of Sarah's favorite moments. Sarah's version of what happened goes like this, "Peter Pan told Captain Hook, 'Look out for the crocodile' and he didn't believe him. Then he fell back into his mouth, then he scoochieeed off the stage."
Sarah was clapping along to the songs

Sarah's favorite princess and prince

Afterwards, we played around a little before we drove home. Here is Sarah with her crocodile she bought with her money.

She was so excited she couldn't stop running around!
Waving goodbye to her friends...

Gigi's Vietnam Quilt

When I heard that Gigi (my friend Christy's baby) was coming home from Vietnam I wanted to make her a quilt. One of my yahoo group's had a Vietnam Culture fabric and wishes exchange, although I missed it, I inquired if anyone wanted to swap with me. Well, one of the ladies surprised me with the whole set! I was so excited! Each square in the quilt represents something about Vietnam's culture and has a write-up to go with it. It's cool because I put them all in a binder so as Gigi grows she can use her quilt to learn about Vietnam! It was a lot of fun to make and Christy loved it.

February Play Date

In February, we went bowling for our play date. The kids had a blast!
Here is Lindsey, Sarah, Sunny, Carley (Lindsey & Sam's little sister), and Sam.

Gigi, (Sunny's little sister) what a little doll!

Here is Sarah's lane as she was bowling a Strike!!

They had these cool ramps that the kids could use to bowl!

Preschool Field Trip

Sarah's first preschool field trip was a lot of fun. We went to a place with lots of things for her to play with. She had a blast.
Sarah tried to climb the rocks...
She went grocery shopping, apparently she was really thirsty...

She thought this mirror was hilarious...

She had no idea how to work this dancing game, but she had fun trying.

Happy Birthday Baba!

Since Sarah has learned so much more at her new preschool, her writing has really "taken off." She wanted to write her Baba's birthday card all by herself. I just helped to show her what the letters looked like. She did it all by herself.

FCC Chinese New Year Party

This year we had the Families with Children from China Chinese New Year party a little late! We couldn't get a facility in time, so we had it on Fab. 21st. It was fun and the kids didn't care that it was late, they had fun all the same. I'd have to say that this year's party was the BEST one we've ever been to! Sarah had the MOST fun this year-it could have been that she's a little older now and could do more, either way it was a blast!
This is the friends from our play group. Starting on the left is Sarah, Emilie, Lia, Preston, and on the floor was Sunny.
We had a dance performance and afterwards, the dancers let all the kids dance and learn the ribbon dance. This was Sarah's absolutely most FAVORITE thing!! She LOVED it!

There's Sarah in the background and Lia on the left and Emilie on the right having fun

Here are the dancers doing their ribbon dance, it was very cool.
Here is Sarah with Preston. He's in our play group and is the most adorable little boy ever and he has the most friendly personality. I just adore him!
Sarah and her Baba. (He's not sleepy, he just kept closing his eyes EVERY time I tried to take the photo.)
Sarah was learning how to write her numbers in Chinese. She knew how to count to ten already, now she learned how to write it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Preschool Party!

Sarah's preschool closed down at the end of January, and I had the daunting task of finding another one. Well, let me just say that I'm sorry I didn't find the new one in the first place!!! I LOVE the new school, and so does Sarah! It's really wonderful and her teachers are great. We even have a parent teacher conference tonight, do you believe it? For preschool? Awesome!
Well, the parents are invited to join in when the class has parties, and I went to the Valentine's Day party back in February. Armed with my camera, I got some priceless photos of Sarah at school!
After school, Sarah just HAD to pose with her beloved Waldo who was on his "leash".

This is all the "loot" that Sarah came home from school with.

They teach a lot of subjects through music and Sarah just loved the songs and dancing around. She was a joy to watch!

You gotta love those listening skills!

Check out that dancing!!

Sarah is also learning some sign language with some of the songs that they sing in school!

Sarah is filling the kids goodie bags with the Valentine's that she brought.

That's one happy girl!