Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Busy Saturday with a trip to the Park

We had SUCH a busy day today! We started our morning hosting and administering an America World Adoption Association Seminar. It was amazing to see how many people showed up! We were really blessed about it. We are associates of our adoption agency because of our lovely daughter, we are now VERY passionate about adoption and have enjoyed hosting seminars to educate and provide an opportunity for others to adopt. At our first seminar there were only 2 couples. This was our second one and we had 14 families show up which had about 25 people there. It was really exciting for me! I love having the opportunity to be a part of other people's adoption journey. It blesses me to see others experience the miracle of adoption in their lives as we have. Sarah was her normal charming self and everyone looked adoringly at her in hopes to adopt children of their own.

This evening after Sarah's nap we went over to the park for a little while to play. Sarah loves the swing and the slide. This time for some reason she was hesitant to go down the slide and whined a little. Once she got to the bottom, she had a huge smile on her face and loved every second of it. She really liked to ride the little animals, too. It was a nice family time and I enjoyed it a lot. Since I have to work tomorrow and Troy has to work the rest of the week, it was nice to have a little bit of time to share as a family.

Here are a few photos from our trip to the park!


Baba is pushing his girl

Swing, Swing, Swing...

Having lots of giggles

What a smile!

That was fun, Mama, can I go again?

Ahhhh, I love the slide!!


Stacey said...

The park is such a great place for bonding. She is having such a great time!

Aunt Stacey said...

Do you think she likes the swing better than the slide? IT's so hard to tell when she has such a glowing smile!