Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Chinese Princess

Sarah LOVES LOVES LOVES to wear her Chinese dresses. I loved the way she looked in this blue one, so I just HAD to get the camera out.
For some reason, she's posing like an Egyptian?! I have no idea why!

Is it just me, or does that smile just melt your heart? ...could be just cause I'm her Mom, though!

Grandma & Grandpa's Visit

In July, Troy's parents came to see us. It was a lot of fun to have them here for a little while. I'm really so blessed to have such amazing In-Laws, they're wonderful! Sarah had a ton of fun seeing her Grandparents for a few days, too!
We went to the Planetarium and walked around, it is the coolest place!

Sarah is on the MOON!!

July Play Date

For our play date in July, Christy invited us to her place for brunch and a little swim! It was so much fun, as you can see here!

We have from L to R, Lia, Susie, Ari, Gigi, Christy, Sunny, and Sarah

Cute Little Gigi!



Lia, Susie, and Ari...

My Mexican Star Round Robin

This is a large quilt block that I made, I think it was about 26" square, if I remember correctly. The pattern is called, "Mexican Star." I made it for a "Round Robin" project...for those of you that don't know, It will go out to 5 different quilting friends and they will each add a border to it until it's the size of a quilt for one of our beds! As each person adds their border, it's a secret to me, so I have to wait until it's all done to see the final product! I loved these colors and it was really fun to make. I can't wait to see what it will look like when I get it back next summer!

Independence Day Fun!

Ever since Sarah has been in our lives, we've made it a tradition to go to the July 4th parade. Every year is a new experience for us because Sarah is growing and liking different things about it. This year she actually GOT some of the candy because she figured out how to run and grab them and be less timid about it. It was a lot of fun and the weather was just right, not too hot!

We got Sarah some sparklers to play with at home when it was dark...

Our All American Girl!

Summertime Fun!

At the end of June Sarah went to a birthday party and they had fun with water! She loved the sandbox, though...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

June Play Date

For our June's play date, we went to the Aviary and the park for our play date in June. We all had fun!
Sarah rode the ferris wheel with Sunny and her Mom, Christy.

Sarah got to feed the birds!

Waiting to feed the birds!

Sunny and her Mommy, Christy

Susie with Lia and Ari

Here's the whole crew!

Sarah with her buddy, Kristen
Meet Ari! She's Lia's little sister and had just barely gotten home from China in this photo! She's a doll!
Susie and Lia

Sarah's CAR!

During the last week of Preschool, they had a drive in day and Sarah and I "made" her this car to watch the movie in. She was so proud of her car, I even let her take her soft blanket and some couch pillows to sit on so it was softer! June 2010

Asian Festival

We took Sarah to the Asian Festival last June. It was a lot of fun. She fed the Lion a dollar during the Lion Dance and got her face painted with a pretty butterfly.

School Performance

This was Sarah's school performance at the end of last school year and her graduation from preschool. We LOVED this preschool and are so happy that we found it! Sarah learned so much there and I just wish she could go to all Elementary school there, if it were available!

Here is Sarah getting her certificate from her teacher, Miss Lani.