Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More new bows from Lao Lao

Sarah was so cute. I put this bow in her hair when she brought it to me and inquisitively gave me her head. Then she put her face in both her hands, tilted her head to the side and said, "AWWWWW". It is times like these that I realize the mirror this child has become. I remember doing that every time I try to put headbands, barrettes, hats or bows in that glossy black hair. She does mimic EVERYTHING we do and I see it often when she makes sounds, or gestures that we do all the time. Things that I don't even realize I do I see in her. It sure does make me want to pay a lot more attention to what we say and do!

Here she is wearing the green bow that my Mom sent her in the last box.

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Aunt Pat's Attic said...

And Lao-Lao has yet more bows to be sent to Sarah in the next pkg--oh, boy!! I am anticipating my daughter's visit to OH in the fall with our little noodle. Oh. . .and BaBa, of course!!