Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun at the Bouncy Houses!

Our friend, Angie, called today and invited us to join them for a fun hour at the bouncy place! Of course, we couldn't resist.
Can you tell we're having fun? That's really not a belly shirt...cute belly button, though! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
WOW! I love this place! (look how tall my baby looks! Why do they grow so fast?)

Climbing with such determination!

I love what is at the end of that climb!

"Mama...Come here and gimme a kiss!" This is the life!

My pretty little girl

Here's my Sarah last sunday at church...There's just something about a cute little girl in a pink dress.

Exotic Animals & Reptiles!

Last weekend, we took the kids to see the animals and reptiles at this expo show. They loved it. We saw tarantulas, scorpions, snakes of all sizes and types, a gila monster, chameleons, turtles, iguanas, and all kinds of lizards. They were pretty cool. We got a few photos of some of them.
Bailey loved this tiny baby bearded dragon...Can you see him on her thumb?

Braden got to hold this awesome Ball Python! They're very docile snakes...and isn't he beautiful?
Sarah didn't want to hold it, but she did touch him and told me how soft he was.
And of course, Bailey got her turn!

Braden and Sarah checking out the turtles!
Wow, Braden! Check out that snake!!
He's a brave one, that scorpion!

We did bring home a friend from the show...stay tuned for photos of our new pet! I're holding your breath in anticipation! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Sweetest Girl

So, the other night, the three of us were sitting at the dinner table. Yes, we try have dinner as a family as often as possible. Anyway, Troy and I were finished eating and were all just talking while Sarah was finishing her dinner. I wasn't using my brain and was stretching my fingers, cracking my knuckles...sometimes it just feels good. Well, the fact that my left thumb is still healing from the sprain a few months ago was not even on the forefront of my mind. And I pulled on my right thumb...then on my left. I felt a shoooting pain all the way up my arm and the tears began to well up in my eyes. I was trying not to cry in front of Sarah, but was not succeeding.

Sarah asked, "What happened, Mama?"

Me: "I hurt my thumb, Sweetie."

Troy: "Mama pulled her thumb, Sarah and it hurts."

Sarah was looking at me intently from my right, where she sits at the table. I could see her in my peripheral vision, as she watched to see if I was okay...

After a few moments of me trying to suck in the tears...Sarah reached out with her hand, put it on my right arm and said,
"Dear Jesus, bless Mama....heal owies...make her all better...Jesus' name....Amen."

My heart melted and the tears REALLY started to flow.

What a feeling to hear your daughter pray for you of her own free will.

I grabbed her and gave her a huge hug, looked at Troy and saw his eyes had teared up, too.

Then Sarah said, "what happened?"

Me: "Mama is very happy, Honey, that you prayed for me."

Man I love that girl so very much.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Play Date at the Aviary

So, yesterday morning, we had our little play date with the girlies from China at the Aviary. It was a lot of fun. Sarah had a blast looking at all the birds! We went to the bird show and saw a lot of unique birds and some of them flew around us and over our heads. The girls had more fun eating snacks than watching the birds, but isn't that what a play date is about...having fun together! Here's a little view of our morning...

it's some kind of condor or vulture, I forgot exactly what they still looks cool! the very beautiful macaw

Isn't Emilie just a little doll?
from front to back there's, Emilie just standing, Sarah having a drink, Lia checking out the the bird show and Sunny munching down some snacks.
Awesome Golden Eagle

Mom, Sunny gave me some snacks, they're yummy. She's nice to share with me!
This was a riot...never mind trying to get them to smile at the same time, I just wanted them to all look at the camera simultaneously...aspirations that were a little high, I found out! :)

Sarah, was showing off...Emilie checking out what Sarah was doing and Sunny was at least looking at me, then Lia...well, she just looks adorable, smile and all!
Then, Sarah's talking and closing her eyes, Emilie is trying to climb around...Sunny isn't too amused...and Lia is checking out my goofy daughter.

So, we try again...Sarah's looking somewhere else, Emilie and Lia are looking at me, and Sunny is trying to figure out what Emilie is doing....*sigh*

I don't even know where Sarah went!! Emilie and Sunny are going to join her, and Lia has also figured out how to get down!
Whew, we found Sarah....Emilie was looking the other way, Sunny trying to fix her swim suit, Sarah looking in the direction from where she'd come, and Lia looking to where she wants to go! Alright guys, you're all cute, smiles or not and looking at me or not...I give up!
Pretty flamingos
This was a lot of fun...we went and fed the lorikeets, they were beautiful and hungry! We held out fruit in our hands and they would eat it right from our hands.
Sarah was saying, what is this thing on my leg?

Eating watermelon from my hand, isn't he gorgeous?
A friend decided to join him!

Yeah, you can tell she was less than thrilled to have a bird perched on her! She was happy feeding the many that were landing on her Mama.

Sarah kept handing her apple to the bird instead of holding it so he'd take bites...

He's eating my apple, Mama!!
Sunny thought it was cool!

close up of a beautiful lory!

Sarah's First State Fair!

Last night, we took Sarah to the State Fair, what a blast! It was so much fun. For the first time, she got to see some animals up close and personal.

Sarah's very first pony ride, she LOVED it!!
Wow, check out those goats!

Look, Mama, I'm petting her!

I found the baby goats!!
He's drinking some milk!
I love the fair!!
up close and personal with this goat!

Look over here, I found the calf--it's a baby cow!

I got to pet her, she was really soft and super nice!
Look, I can pet the piggies!
Aren't those baby piggies so cute?

My Little Cutie

Well, first of all, I should apologize. First to Sarah's Lao Lao (sorry, Mom) for not posting for too long, so you can see your granddaughter. Life has been so busy, I can't even begin to explain. Then, there was the fact that Sarah has lost my camera, ARGH! She got into my camera bag to eat my mints and put on chapstick. She gave me the camera bag when I told her to bring it to me. I put it up high where she couldn't reach. A few days later, I went to take a photo of her miss cuteness, and the camera wasn't in the bag! I asked her where it was and all she could say was, "it's gone, Mama!" SO, I had to dig out an old camera that I hate. At least it takes photos, though. I'll have to ask for a new one for Christmas. (even though the missing one was last year's Christmas gift!) Either way, at least the old icky one works.
Here's my little cutie at church this morning...