Friday, November 20, 2009

5 yr old photos

I found this amazing photographer, Kassandra Namba, who took our photos a few weeks ago. I love they way they turned out and was so happy to have found her.
These colors are amazing in this one! I love it!

This has to be one of my favorites!
Sparkley eyed girl!

Our first real family photo since Sarah was one...we're missing 2, though...Bailey & Braden, we wish you were here!

Love that smile!

I look like Mr. Magoo in this photo, all squinty eyed!
Love the effects in this one

Monday, November 02, 2009

Sarah's birthday dinner!

Well, our precious little girl turned 5 last week! I can't believe how much she's grown!
We went out to eat for her birthday with family and our dearest friends.

Opening her Tinkerbell jewelry box from Nati, Tati, & Lili...

Okay, Sarah! WHO are you texting?? And Lili, isn't she a bit young for you to teach her that??
This was the look on her face when they brought her ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to her...
More looks at the singers!
Not as bad as last year! Last year it scared her and she cried in my arms for 10 minutes after they finished singing!
Movie from Lao Lao!
and MONEY!
Kai Lan from Mama and Baba
She HAD to carry some of her presents to the car by herself!

Our Little Cutie!

October Play Date

For our Oct. play date we went bowling and had a mini-b'day for Sarah and Lia. It was a lot of fun for all of us!
Here is Sarah and Lia with the birthday cake I baked for them.

Lia with the present we brought her!

And, Sarah with hers.

Don't ask me...I have no idea why the arms are up was the only group shot I could get and I wasn't complaining! For once they all looked smiley in the photo, too! From left to right: Sarah, Preston, Emilie, and Lia
Preston, was hilarious! It didn't matter how many pins he hit, he was so joyful, arms in the air, jumping up and down, it was great! I love this shot! Feet off the floor and everything!

Sarah was having a blast!
Lia's turn to bowl!
There's Sarah's ball down there, almost a gutter ball, if it hadn't been for the rails! Most of the time she insisted on NOT using the ramp, she's a big girl now, you know!
Preston dancing cause he got to bowl!
Emilie's turn!

Preston with his Mom, Michelle!
Granny style!
Sarah was soo happy, she was having a lot of fun!

Preston getting a little guidance
Preston getting ready!