Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Belated 4th of July!

On the 4th of July, we went to Sarah's very first parade EVER! It was a lot of fun. Before the parade started, she had a blast playing in the puddles that were created by the sprinklers.

My patriotic little girl!

And then, there is that goofy Baba!
The people in the parade were throwing out these popsicles. They were GREAT as we were sitting in the heat!
At the end of the night, we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the fireworks to start. Sarah was so sleepy. This was the first time that Sarah got to go to fireworks and watch them up close.
She was still happy even though she was so tired!
Since I have a new camera, from Christmas, for the first time I got to try out the fireworks setting. I think some of them turned out pretty cool.

Happy Baptism, Lili and Tati

Here is Sarah and Tati just before Tati went up to get baptized. I was so bummed cause their Mom didn't tell me until the last minute and I had to work. So, I had to depend on Troy to go and get photos. He didn't even find Lili to get a photo...but, what can I expect?

A girl in a pretty dress!

This is Sarah at church a few weeks ago, in a pretty dress. That morning she told me, "Mama, can I wear a pretty dress? Can I wear a blue one?"

In June, Sarah started a preschool Chinese class. it's a lot of fun and she's learning a lot! This is her DA character that she makes with her body. It means BIG, as if you couldn't tell!
And this is Sarah's xiao, it obviously means small!

Fun at the Pool

These were taken last month BEFORE Sarah started her swimming lessons. You should see the smile on her face NOW when she goes down the same slide!
Although she looks horrified, she really loved going down this slide!
Bailey and Sarah waiting for their turn to go down the slide
Baba catching his baby

Baba trying to catch his bigger baby! It's funny, this photo is so indicative of Bailey and Troy's relationship! He's like AWWW, come here! and in her 12 yr old-ness, she's like, I don't think so! Plus, she's not the snuggliest of girls with her Dad!

June's Play Date (A Little Late)

For our play date last month, we went to a really fun park! It has to be the best one around for kids of all ages. The kids had fun and we all left before we got too hot!
Here is Sarah with Preston and Lia at the table.

Here are all of our little Chinese lovies... Mailey, Sunny, Lia, Sarah, and Miranda Joy!

And Sarah...she was upset with her Baba and was pouting. I couldn't resist, she's cute anyway!