Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pretty in Purple

So, Lao Lao has been at it again! She sent us this adorable chinese inspired purple velvety dress from Hanna Andersson....and the pretty purple flower bow she made matches perfectly!

They got the church all dressed up and ready for Christmas...I kept running around telling Mama, "petty yites" (pretty lights in Sarah-nese"

Cute Thanksgiving Girl!

We were invited to my Dad's friend's for Thanksgiving so I had to catch some shots of our baby. Lao Lao bought Sarah the cute dress (of course, who else?). It was a little long, but with the color scheme, I couldn't resist making it the Thanksgiving dress!

Being cute, by my Baba

Here I am with my friends, Nati and Greg

Huh? What? It wasn't me! I didn't do it, Mama!

Okay, I'm ready to EAT!

I love my Baba!

My Little Cleaning Lady

So, from somewhere, my little Sarah got the "cleaning gene". I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong! I wish I had the gene myself, for me it's always been a struggle...a constant battle. I remember my Mom constantly getting on my case as a child, "clean your room," "Make your bed." etc, etc, etc.
Well, not with this girl! Sarah found the paper towels...took them to the dog's water dish, (not the most sanitary, I know) and began to wipe down everything in site! It was pretty cute so I had to let her continue for a bit and grabbed the camera before I got her cleaned up.

Uh, Hi Mama, I am just cleaning up my car...(maybe if I look all cute, she will let me keep my paper towel)

See, Mama...I figured out how to flip over this box and it still holds me and I can reach the window for you and get it nice and clean!

Look, keening, keening!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go!

So, when choosing our outfit for church this morning, we opted for the fashion-ista look! :) LaoLao got us this cool dress off ebay (it was brand spankin new) from a woman in NYC who bought it at a boutique there somewhere. We found the perfect tights and shoes...and with LaoLao's hand crafted bow for the hair, we were ready for a glamourous day in the Nursery at church! *wink*

Wait for me, Mama, "thirsty, dink, Mama"

I know you do it with this button somehow...I just can't coordinate my fingers to make the water go into my mouth!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Beautiful Day at the Zoo!

We had a Great day today. Since my Dad got us a ZOO membership this year, we like to go even when the weather gets cooler. The animals are more fun to watch, it's not so crowded and not as miserably hot as the summers are around here. We couldn't have asked for a more beautidul day. The weather was sunny and there was just a hint of "cool" in the air. It was a blast. Sarah loved it. Enjoy some of our memories from today.
Look Mama! Me and Lili are in the Egg!

This is a fun bridge that swings a little when you walk on it, Sarah loved to walk back and forth on it!

Weeeeee, that was a fun slide! Especially cause I got to ride it with my friends, Lili and Tati.

I'm a lot smaller than the Gorilla, huh?

Look, Mama...this is a lot like the bikes we saw when we were in China!

This is the life!

Baba held me so I could pet the giraffe! He was really soft and friendly, too.

There's me and Baba looking at the zebras!

A Few Updated Photos

Well, Today I'm trying to get a little bit caught up, Here are a few updated photos of the last month or so. We have been really busy lately and the Holidays aren't even here yet! Yikes!
Here's my Baby at church last Sunday

Baba is being so silly!

Lao Lao is playing with me and my new purse that Gigi gave me. Isn't it cool?

Showing off one of my new outfits

Look, Lao Lao...maybe we can take Pebbles for a walk??

Do you think if I smile real BIG, she'll come with me? "here Pebbles!"


Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, we had 2 heck of a celebrations for our little girl's SECOND birthday! When we traveled to Ohio to visit my family, we decided to celebrate her birthday there so that my family could be a part of her birthday and then we had another party here, the day after her actual birthday (the closest Saturday!). She had a blast both times and got A LOT of awesome presents! What a joy to FINALLY be able to celebrate a birthday with our daughter, since we hadn't met her last year for her first birthday. What joy she's brought to our lives.
Hmm, let's see this music....what song shall I play?

Music, schmusic! Who needs it? I'll just play the concerto in my head!

Look at one of my favorite presents! I got a ladybug raincoat, umbrella and cute boots to match from my Great Uncle Greg and Aunt Cathy! They're awesome!

Here's my cute cupcakes that my Mama's cousin, Christine, made for me for my birthday...I'm not so sure about those candles, Mama said that they're hot and I don't want to get burned!

Here's my new xylophone that I got from Aunt Nati...this was from my second party. I love to play songs for my Baba, but for some reason, he puts these little things in his ears and just smiles at me while I play.

This is my cool new wagon that I got from my Poppa, I LOVE to go for rides all over the neighborhood, I tell Mama and Baba, "ride wa-GON please" every day!


Here I am holding my new asian baby doll that I got for my birthday, isn't she cute? She kinda looks like me in the first photo that Mama and Baba saw of me...except she has a lot more hair!

Here's the cupcakes Mama made me, and Baba is holding it so I can blow out the candle, I was feeling a little better about the candles this time.

What? Huh? Can't a girl enjoy all this sugar without that silly camera in her face?