Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

We had lots and lots of fun this year at Families With Children from China's Chinese New Year party last Saturday evening. It was a huge potluck and I made Lemon Chicken that actually turned out really yummy. We saw some friends and met some new ones. It was an event NOT to miss!

Here is Sarah coloring a Chinese dragon picture with her friend, Chelsea. Angie is hovering over Sarah, giving her a helping hand with those markers. (Thanks, Angie!) I'm the one flinching behind the camera and praying she won't draw on her beautiful outfit from China.

This is my Little One with Chelsea and both of her brothers. L to R it's Chelsea, Corey, Sarah, and Jared. Chelsea, Corey and Jared are waiting for their little sister's referral from China and are excited to meet her. They drew some artwork to help their Mom and Dad with fundraising for their adoption. You can check them out here:

How cute is that? I love how hard she's concentrating, got that tongue out and everything.

Hmm, Baba...I'm thinking, what should we do now?

Mama's helping me make a piggie,'s the year of the Pig, you know!

We're trying to glue on these blasted eyes!

Stick, will you???

Here, Mama, I have the stick.

This is the "smile" we get now when we tell her to "smile, so we can take your picture!" She's trying...even though she looks like she's in pain.

Pretty Sunday Dress

Here is my little Noodle at church Sunday after it was over. I couldn't help but get out that camera, she was so cute. I love this adorable dress, the colors are great, the style is's another one from Lao Lao. Of course, I couldn't help but find a matching bow for her little head of hair. I'll be so excited when this girl gets more hair! Enjoy!

Can you tell she has that, "what me? I'm not doing anything wrong! No one getting into trouble over here! I'm being a good girl! Wait, Mama...Look OVER THERE! heehee, here I go!" look on her face.

A Little Dip!

Today after church, I talked Mama and Baba into taking me to the pool. I wanted to splash them a lot and kick my legs in my tube. It was SOOO much fun! I love the water. It's really fun when Baba goes under and blows bubbles for me to see. I laughed the whole time we were swimming! I love the pool!

Do you like my new ELMO swimming shoes? They're TOO BIG for my little feet, that's what Mama said, anyway. I still like them, though.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Play Date

We had a REALLY fun play date on Thursday with my friend, Chelsea and her Mama, Angie. It was so fun, but Mama's camera batteries died after 2 photos so that's all she took.
I like riding the fishie, but I was just warming up to the place and there were lots of times Mama could have taken cute photos of me going down the slides and bouncing around. Oh well...I think that maybe I can get Mama to go again with fresh batteries and then I get to play again! WOO HOO Don't tell Mama it was my secret ploy to get to go play again with Chelsea! HEE HEE

Hide N' Seek

We had a fun game of hide n' seek in Sarah's little "house" as she likes to call it. She was tearing apart the living room with her toys, as you can see, and playing with Baba. I grabbed the camera as I just can't miss out on any potential photo ops.

Now, notice the plastic tub full of puzzles there in front of the house?? Well, we're about to see how it played a part in how all the fun and laughter ended!
Yes, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt! My baby hit her face on the box o' puzzles and was less than thrilled about it. She's still cute, even when she's crying, don't ya think?

Here she's showing Baba her owies so he can kiss them.

Awww...but there's nothing like a hug and lovins from Mama to make her feel better.

Pay no attention to the lovely way she is wearing her onesie...we're potty training over here. Easy access #1, fashion #2!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Potty Talk!

Oh my goodness, my baby's been potty training the past week or so. I can't believe she's old enough to be out of diapers. Time definitely flies when you're having fun!
So, last week, Sarah indicated to me that it's time to get going on the potty training experience. So, she started wearing pull-ups all day long, with the exception of nap time and bed time. I started taking her to sit on the potty every 30-45 minutes all day long. For the most part her pull-ups have been pretty dry, but not completely. She has gone pee-pee EVERY time she sits on her potty. But, it's the number two that we haven't seen much of
(well, at least not IN the potty).
She went once at home and stood to examine her business but it was not quite in the potty yet, and ended up on my bathroom floor.
The second time, I knew she had to go due to the "bum hurts" comments that she had been making. (this is typically what she tells me when she has to go poop but doesn't realize how else to describe it.) After 20 long minutes of sitting on the little potty, playing with Auto (kitty), making sure he has some water in the tub to drink, sitting on the little potty, deciding to sit on the big potty, then changing her mind to sit on the little potty...I gave up!
Of course, I shouldn't have...
As soon as we went back downstairs and were playing in the living room, there was a lovely odor coming from her south side. she went once at my friend's house just before we were leaving to go home, on Tuesday, otherwise, she's been pooping in the pull-up or diaper.
So, Monday night we were heading upstairs to go to bed and Sarah hollered, "sit potty Mama!" Of course, I ran up after her on the stairs and put her little behind on that potty. On our way up she told me, "bum hurts, Mama".
SO, I told her, "that means you need to go poo-poo on the potty, let's go sit on the potty and you can go poo-poo.
We sat and talked and watched the cat drink from the tub for about 10 minutes. I kept reassuring her that she needed to "sit on the potty and go poo poo" and all of a sudden, she grabbed both handles on her little potty, raised her little bum off the seat and....MUSIC TO MY EARS...I heard a little "plop....plop" She stood up to see what she had done and I went berserk! (can I say berserk? Do people still say that word?)
My baby had a HUGE smile, and I was shouting how well she proud of her I was. Let's just say, I made a REALLY BIG deal out of it! We flushed it and washed her hands. Then I told Sarah, "go tell Baba what you did in the potty." She ran to the top of the stairs and yelled, "BABAAAAAAA!"
He came a runnin' and I told her, "tell Baba what you did in the potty!" She looked at him, with a huge smile on her face, so proud of her achievement and said, "FLUSH IT!!! WASH HANDS!"
ME: "No, Sarah...tell him what you did IN the potty!"
Sarah: "flush it!! wash hands!"
after 3 times of saying the same thing, I sighed and said,
My loving husband laughed at me and said, "geez, Robin, you're more excited about it than she is."
"I know, " I said, "In all my life, I've never been so excited about poop!"
Progress, at last!

Friday, January 19, 2007

We're a Quarter of the way there!

In the mail today we received our 25th quilt square for Sarah's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. And so, we are hitting a milestone. But there's still a long way to go! I wonder how long it will take to get to 100? Anyone out there still interested in sending us a quilt square? Or exchanging one with us? I have some all ready to go here, waiting for a quilt to be sewn into. Email me for our address and we can exchange them! Here's the photo of our 25th square!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Peek-A-Boo with Mama!

Our new game is peek-a-boo from behind the wall by the stairs. Mama sits downstairs and I hide behind the wall and jump out and scare her. It makes me laugh how Mama is so silly. We have a lot of fun!
Here I go, Mama...I'm going upstairs! You can't get me!

Whew! That was fun!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Telling Mama Like it Is!

Well, you see...this is the way it's going to be! (she's a girl that knows what she wants and knows how to get it!)
I want it MY Way, Mama...that's what I want!

Well, Okay, that's alright...I give in to your silliness! "Mama's FUNNY!"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Beautiful Sunny Day!

It was a beautiful Sunday today! Even though it was REALLY cold, the sun was shining and it was a glorious day. There is a golf course behind our church and after the service, Troy took Sarah out to take a look at the flock of Canada Goose that were hanging out on the course. She kept saying, "honk, honk!!" it was of course, the cutest!

Sarah's favorite seat in all her world is on Baba's shoulders!

Baba showing her how they fly away

A girl, her Baba, a flock of birds to watch, and Mama, takin photos...what more does a girl need?

We bought our baby this pretty outfit at the Friendship Store that we went to in Guangzhou, China. This Friendship Store was like a really fancy Department store, and relatively was expensive. (if you compare it to the other shopping venues in China. Still not too expensive compared to what it would have cost us in the U.S.) It finally fits her and wow, does she LOVE this outfit. I tried it on her last night before bed to see if it fit to wear to church today and she had a fit when I wanted her to take it off! She kept telling me, "No, Mama, soft jammies!!!" while she rubbed it with her hands. She
definitely wanted to wear it day and night!
Lots of smiles at home, playing with Mama & Baba...

A little blurry, but still cute.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year's Photos a little late!

This adventure was on New Year's Eve. Mama was really sick so we stayed home and had a party with Baba and me while Mama rested and tried to get better. We had fun, being silly together.

Here I am in another outfit from Lao Lao, it's from Naartjie for anyone who wants to know. I like the hearts on it, they're cute.

Hey, look, I can stand on the box of diapers that we just got, and hold onto my new toy bins! I'm thinkin' that's pretty cool!

Yup, it's fun, too!

Just being silly, and cute, too!

Heehee, Baba is being funny!

Look, Baba...I am learning how to do somersaults!

Well, kinda...

Lots of smiles and laughter!

Well, things have calmed down a little. I think I'll sit at my new pretty Disney Princesses table and read my book. Well, wait a minute, I think I want to, "talk to Poppa" I wonder if he's home...

He's not answering...Oh well!
That's okay...I'll just read my Brown Bear Book.