Friday, August 24, 2007

Ice Skating!

A week ago Wed. (yes, I'm a little behind). We took the kids ice skating at the Olympic Oval. It was Sarah's first time, actually it was all 3 kids first time. Bailey and Sarah loved it...Braden just wanted to be on ground that wasn't slippery! Still it was fun.
Baba is teaching his baby how to skate...

Braden's favorite spot...dry land! (look at those beautiful blues!)
Bailey's favorite spot...right next to the wall where she could hold on!

FCC Summer Picnic

Wednesday evening Sarah and I went to the Annual Summer Families with Children from China picnic. We were late because I wasn't sure that we would go. Troy was still working and it was WAY across town from us. At the last minute we went and Sarah had fun playing. We saw some friends and met a few more.
As a matter of fact, Yes...she was born in the year of the monkey, why do you ask?

I like the bouncy horse!
A princess in her tower...
Climbing up...

...and sliding down!

Bouncy Houses Galore

Last Saturday we took the kids to the indoor bouncy house/slides place. It was a blast. They had so much fun they were absolutely exhausted when we left!
Braden loving the slide!
Watch out!! Here comes SARAH!

Wow, she LOVES the slides!
Look out! I'm going on it again!
She loves to jump around...then falls down! I caught this one she as she was falling down purposely.
I can't get over how grown up she looks in this one! Wow, my baby's getting so big!

Can you believe how well she climbs? She climbed all the way to the top, all on her own!

So much fun!

This slide is the BEST!!!

Whew! Bailey says, "all this fun is tiring!"

Watch out!!! Here comes Braden!

And this...this is what happens when you play so much you're too exhausted and all you want to do is go home and have lunch and take a nap! Notice the piggy tails...all askew. All grumpy and she's still the cutest!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sarah's Quote of the Week

So, it was a few nights ago and we were driving in the car. Sarah was asking her normal 20 questions about EVERYTHING. Troy was driving and the conversation went this way:

Sarah: "Baba?"
Troy: "Yes, Sarah?"
Sarah: "Are you driving?"
Troy: "Yes, Baba is driving. Are you driving, Sarah?"
Sarah: "No, Baba...."

She paused for a few minutes...and responded:

"I don't have a steering wheel!"

We all lost it and laughed like crazy. It was too funny. She's so matter of fact, it's hilarious.

After that, Troy whispered under his breath: "smart alec"

Friday, August 17, 2007

Swimming play date

On Wednesday afternoon we got together for our monthly playdate. Lia was there with her Mommy and Andrea (she's logged into China and has been for 11 months) came too.
The girls had a blast and so did Bailey and Braden.
Try to get both girls to smile at the same time! Not so easy, I tell you! And Sarah just towers over little Lia and there's only one year between them (born in the same month).
I like the way my finger tastes in this one...

Then, I decided to taste my hair...not bad!
...not so good, I like the finger better...
Isn't Lia's smile the cutest?
And finally! Sarah smiles...but Lia's losing hers!

Then we went to the inside pool because the big kids like the slide!
Braden got REALLY splashed!

Mama was taking me around and I was kicking my feet and trying to swim!

Braden just went down the slide!

Watch out, here comes Bailey!
Braden came down on his belly this time! It looks like fun!
Mama was playing with me on the stairs, we were being silly!
See how much fun we had?!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The busiest Saturday EVER!

Yesterday HAD to be our busiest Saturday to date! We started our day REALLY early and took the kids to the fishing pond and met Poppa there so he could spend some time with his grandkids. It was a blast! The sun was H-O-T and the fish weren't biting! Still we had fun.

Poppa brought the fishing pole that I used to use when I was a kid, so it was really neat for Sarah to use it now, too. It was the cutest thing ever...she kept saying, "look Mama! I'm fishing, I'm fishing!!!"

Bailey waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Braden with his Poppa!

After catching NO fish...we went to a coffee/milkshake shop to cool down and relax. We went to the Disney closeout store and found LOTS of great deals! I got Braden and Bailey some cute shirt for really good deals! We went for lunch and then home for Sarah's nap. During her nap, I had to go to do a mystery shop and took Bailey with me. As soon as we got home, we ate dinner and then then to take the kids ice skating. Well, that didn't go so well. There were so many cars, by the time we parked, it took 20 minutes to get inside the building and wait in line. We waited in line for 10 minutes only to see them change the signs and stopped issuing the skates for rental! ARGH! SOOO, we decided to end our day the same way it began. We took the kids to fish again...since catfish are nocturnal, we thought we'd have better luck. So we stayed our really late and past their bedtimes. It was worth it though...we caught one catfish!

Here I am with our catch for the evening. There was some huge excitement when it happened, that's for sure. Sarah was kind of crying as she was a little afraid of our fish, at least until she realized all was well.

Another fun Zoo Trip!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our Zoo membership? Thanks a lot, Dad, for that gift! It was definitely money well spent! Troy took a vacation day on Friday and we took the kids to the zoo for a day of fun and lots of walking and animals.
We have this awesome bird show that is birds of flight and they have trained the birds to fly over the audience and all over the ampitheater. It's really cool.
Here are our little cuties waiting for the show to start!

Here is the awesome Golden Eagle, she's so beautiful.

On the right of this photo is a big and beautiful owl flying over our heads!

Here is a hawk, and of course, I forgot which one...he was sooo fast flying around and around the theatre. It was awesome!
Going for a ride on the tigers!

In all the years we've been to the zoo, this was the first time we've seen the penguins doing something besides standing there looking hot in the summer sun. It was so cool...they were swimming around, jumping in and out of the water and eating fish that had been put in their water by the keepers. It was really cool! Of course, I had to take a ton of photos of them!

I don't know what else to say, but "CUTENESS!"
Here is my little angel on her first train ride at the zoo. She loved it!