Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random Pics

I know this looks like Sarah is upset...but lately this is what happens when you ask her to smile. I think it's hilarious!

See, Lao Lao, I love this pretty dress you bought me.

This is what happens when Baba tells me, "Close your eyes, Sarah, and open your mouth!"

Mama just told me to smile so that she could see me. I got dressed up today and went to church, but I stayed with Baba in the Nursery while Mama went to a Memorial service. She has a really dear friend and bible study teacher, Lydia, that went to see Jesus.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evening at the Park with Baba

When Baba got home from work and while Mama cooked dinner, I went around the corner in my tricycle with Baba to the little park. We had a nice walk/ride on my trike and I loved playing on the swing and slide!

Lao Lao, do you see my cute Indygo outfit you bought me?

Bargain of the Week!

Sarah's Lao Lao finds the most adorable clothes for Sarah and a bunch of them she gets for really good deals on Ebay. This week I got this adorable poncho for Sarah from Ebay. It's by Hanna Andersson and was brand spankin' new in the package. It had a price of $48.00 and I only paid $3.99 it was about $10 with shipping! It's so cute, I took photos simply to show off my bargain shopping of the week! I love a good deal!
Sarah just loves this frog, it came for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa in California. It plays songs and she dances around and claps, it also talks about the shapes on the belly and gives kisses. It was the hit of the night!

The itsy bitsy's our "out came the sun"
"...crawled up the spout again!"

Whew...that was fun!

The Queen of the Remote!

Mama! I found your gloves!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baba Fixed me All UP!

You see, I really like to put band-aids on my owies...Well, and my Baba, he is really good at helping me with that. SO, this morning, he and I found all kinds of owies on my face and Baba, he fixed me all up...

See the ones on this side?

Wee, I love to play on Mama and Baba's bed!

A Girl Taking Care of her Friends

Wait, Mama, I need to make sure Twinky is in the picture, let me get him ready...

And we mustn't forget my faithful friend, Waldo!

Here, Waldo, I saved you a space right here, next to me...

Oh, you are a little thirsty? Let me give you a drink...How's this?

Okay, Twinky...I won't forget you, here's a nice drink for you, too.

Ahhh, and they left some for me, too...that was good!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Our Newest Pet...

...Just kidding! We took a drive this morning to Cabela's to see this little guy that Troy's holding. Isn't he cute?? He's smaller than my cat! The people from Yellowstone's bear world were there with 4 little bear cubs, cute as can be. They only bring them out one at a time so they can rest and eat and play...all the things that little bear cubs need to do.
We got to hold this little guy, Twinky is his name.
(For those of you from Utah, and are wondering, the bear cubs will be there tomorrow (18th), and next Fri (23rd), Sat (24th) and Sun (25th), for more photo opps)
Sarah didn't know what to was hard to get her attention for the photo, which explains the "deer caught in the headlights" look on her face. To commemorate the occasion, besides paying $15 for the opportunity to hold him, pet him, and get our photo, we bought Sarah a stuffed bear that looks kinda like Twinky. Since she would not part with him and HAD to take him to sleep with her for her nap, we don't have any photos of him...I'm sure we'll have a chance soon, since she doesn't want him to leave her side at the moment.
And really, we didn't mind paying the $15 cause it goes to Bear World and helps them to care for all the bears.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Adventure to Remember friend, Natalia (Nati), took the Train last week and then hopped on a bus in order to save on some gas to go about an hour (by car) to an appointment. Well, it just so happened that Sarah was with her the day that she was going to take this trip and I was telling Sarah about what Nati was going to do. Sarah would NOT stop talking about it, so we decided to go for a ride on the train last Saturday and had a fun family day out. We took the train to one end of the line, got back on, went downtown, stopped at a coffee shop, got back on the train to go home, got on the wrong train, went up to the University, changed trains, went back downtown, got on the right train and went to our car. It was so much fun and Sarah had a BLAST! You know I had to journal our trip on film...

Wow! Another train! She was mesmerized...

She just couldn't get enough of watching what's going on out that window.

Ahhh, that was so much fun!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sarah's Finding Ad from China

I just received this in the mail today, it's the order I placed for Sarah's finding Ad from China. It's the earliest photo I have of Sarah. I think it was taken shortly after she was found at the gate of the orphanage. She was left there at 3 weeks of age, so I'm sure the photo is from as early as 1 month old.
For those of you who don't know the process in China, I'll try to explain it a little bit. To ensure each baby that is put up for adoption is truly abandoned, China will post the child's photo in the newspaper every day for three months prior to putting them available for adoption. These are called finding ads and typically list descriptive information about the child, and the finding location, date of birth and date the child was found.
This first photo is the newspaper with Sarah's ad. This is only one page and there were at least 2 pages in this newspaper. I can imagine that there could have even been more pages than that in each paper. It's amazing how many babies are abandoned and need forever families. Sarah's photo is in the first row, 5th photo from the bottom.

Sarah's AD is the in the middle, here is a close up. The translation says:
"Jin Ai Quan
She was born on 10/27/04
On 11/23/04 she was found at the gate of the orphanage
She has a ruddy complexion and little hair"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Very Fun Play Date!

Well, today was lots o' fun for my little one! We had a play date with Angie and her kids, Jared, Corey, and Chelsea and went to this place that has indoor bouncy houses and slides. Before hand, we ate at McD's, so the first 2 photos are from there. Sarah had a blast and was SOOOOOO sleepy when we were done, just right for nap time!
Here is Jared helping Sarah go down the slide at McD's.

They look like they're in Jail, right?
Look, Mama! I can JUMP!

I am pretty good at falling, too!

WEEEEE, these slides are SOOOO fun!

Jared, is such the big brother, he helped Sarah every chance he got!

You mean I have to climb all the way up there, to go down the slide? Are you sure it's worth it?

WEEEE, worth every penny, Mama!

How does this twister game work??

Here comes Chelsea, hot on your tail, Sarah!

Wow, that was too much fun, Mama! We have to come back again after my nap!