Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas, Mom!

This is the quilt that I made at one of my quilting classes this fall. I decided to give it to my Mom for Christmas. I did the whole thing, from just a few pieces of fabric to this pretty quilt! I was proud of my hard work, and my Mom said she loved it. I want to get more practice before I take on Sarah's 100 Good Wishes Quilt.

Lots more snow & my Sarah-Belle dress

Sarah was enjoying the snow a few weeks ago, after church. She loves to play in it!

Look at me, Mama! I've got snow!!! it's all over you!
When Sarah put on this dress she said, "Mama? Am I Belle in this dress?" I told her, "No,'re my Sarah." She retorted, "Can I be Sarah-Belle?" I laughed, "Yes, can be Sarah-Belle."

Our December Play date!

For our December play date we had planned to go to the zoo in the evening and see the Zoo Lights display that is special for this month. Well, the weather had other plans for us! We had a snow storm that day, so we settled for hanging out at Susan & Emilie's house. It was only Emilie, Lia, and Sarah, but it was still nice to get together and we had a nice time.
Try getting all three girls to look at the camera at the same time! YEAH! Right!

Lia says, yup, I'm done with this! I'm outta here!

A little Fun in the Snow!

Over Thanksgiving, when Bailey & Braden were here, Sarah went out and played in the snow with her big sister. She had a great time and got really cold!

Just cause I'm cute!

November's playdate

In Nov., Christy & Sunny invited us all to her house for brunch and some play time. It was tons of fun & the kids had a blast, too!

Sarah, Sunny & Lia loved the tire swing

and Emilie got a turn!

Isn't Little Miss Lia adorable?

My baby is a little climber!!

Look what I got into!

On November 14th, my precious little girl woke up from her nap while Mama was in the basement working on a quilt. She was nice and quiet, so Mama wouldn't hear her. After a while, I was thinking...hmm...she should be awake any minute now. I went upstairs to see a little girl surrounded by my make up and her face extremely colorful! I had to get the day I'll use these photos for blackmail when she's a teenager and I'm trying to get her to do something! :)

If I hide behind the hanger...maybe she won't notice!

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day!

On October 31st, we celebrated Sarah's second Gotcha day! 2 years ago, we held our little girl for the first time! We went out for Chinese food with our dearest friends and Sarah's, too. It was great. We gave Sarah a gift that we bought in China for her. We have gifts to give her every year on the anniversary when she became a member of our family, all from China. We had a great time and so did Sarah.

Charity Quilt & Sarah dancing

For my friend, Angie's adoption of precious little Miranda, I pieced this quilt. A friend that I met through my quilting classes offered to do the quilting for free to help out. I thought it looked great! We raised $100 for Angie's adoption with it and we raised a total of over $3100 that night. We had a dinner and auction for them that night. It was a lot of fun and we were so happy that we could be a part of helping them bring Miranda home. Hopefully they'll get their Consulate Appointment date this week and be able to bring their little beauty home in a few weeks. We can't wait to meet her!

There was a band playing and Sarah couldn't help but dance...she had a blast!
Now...THAT'S a smile!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Harvest Party!

We stopped by our church on the 31st of October to play at the Harvest Party for a little while. It was lots of fun, I got to play some games and win some prizes.
Here I am with my glasses that I won!

This was the first time I ever did a cake walk...I got to win a chocolate cake to take home!

WEE! I love it when they play the music!
Then...we went home and I put on my Snow White dress that I got for my birthday along with my crown. I got to give out candy to all the kids that came to my house. I had SOOO much fun!!

Am I the most beautiful princess you've ever seen or what?

Another FUN Zoo Trip!

A couple of days after Sarah's birthday, we went to the zoo with Shyanne and Stacey. We had a blast and the kids really enjoyed themselves!
Here are Shyanne, Bailey, Sarah and Braden with the gorilla!

Look Mama! I'm much smaller than the gorilla is!

But I'm almost as tall as the Orangutan! (I like my apples so much I just couldn't put it down!)
We're at the Asian room by the Asian tigers and snow leopard and Sarah is playing around the instruments.

"And here we have the Chinese drum, constructed in..."
She looks like she's the zoo employee telling us all about that drum!

Shyanne and Sarah playing on the tigers!