Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visiting Uncle Robert & Aunt Trish

Troy's brother and his wife came to visit us for a few days and we drove to see Bailey & Braden for a few hours. He wanted to see his niece and nephew! They took them shopping for a toy and Braden chose this huge spider from the Halloween decorations aisle. (Only Braden!) They had a fun time and I took this photo before we left to drive back home.

The Reptile Show

When Troy's brother was in town, we went to the Reptile Expo. Sarah had a lot of fun over there. Check out this HUGE snake that she got to pet! It was 15 feet long!!

Swimming Lessons

My Little Noodle started swimming lessons over ths summer. She was taking group classes but we've switched to private lessons. They are much more worth the money because she only got like 5 minutes per lesson with the teacher in the group lessons and this way, she gets 30 min. each time. Anyway, I took my camera the other day and got some cute "learning to swim" photos.

Practicing her kicks


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Twirly Girl

Sarah wore this cute outfit last weekend for church and decided that she HAD to twirl in it. I mean, of course! What else can a girl do in such a full twirly skirt??

Monday, September 15, 2008

The State Fair

The past couple of weeks was our State Fair. We decided to take Sarah and we had a lot of fun. She rode this bouncy swing thing, they strapped her in and lifted her in the air on these major bungee cords and Troy helped her to jump really high and bounce. She LOVED it!! I thought she'd be a little afraid, but not my girl! She had a blast and the most beautiful gleeful smile the whole time. I had more fun watching her than I'm sure she had on that thing.

Troy would pull her legs down so she'd bounce up really high.

You can see how happy she was about it and wanted to tell me all about it when she was done!
Sarah's Baba couldn't resist getting the Chinese hat at one of the vendors...and then he just HAD to put it on.

My happy girl

This is her cute butterfly balloon that a clown made for her. It didn't last the night and popped one piece at a time throughout the evening, it was still cute while it lasted.

My latest Creation

This is the latest quilt top that I finished. It's called Dance of the Dragonflies. It's a really cool technique that I learned which uses folding fabric in order to create the curves. I think it turned out great and I'm proud of it. Now I need to get cracking on making some Christmas gifts!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Play Date with my Friends!

Last week I got to go and play with my friends, Chelsea and Miranda Joy. We had SOO much fun and we dressed up like Princesses. I love to play with my friends and we had a blast!!

My Daughter-The Mermaid

Sarah's Lao Lao sent her this ADORABLE Ariel outfit and she just HAD to wear it to church today. Isn't she cute? This was at church this morning.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chinese Class Zoo Trip

I don't know if I ever mentioned that we found about a Chinese class for toddlers and this summer Sarah took her first Chinese class. What was nice was the I went to it, too. That way, I was able to reinforce what she learned and we both learned some Chinese. For the last class we went to the zoo and had lots of fun!
Here is Sarah and one of her classmates playing and having fun!

They were playing Ring around the Rosies, so cute.

"And, we all fall down!"

Sarah got ride our new Carousel. It was so beautiful, with the most interesting animals to ride and they were all hand painted. Sarah rode the baby giraffe and loved it!

My latest Quilt

This is the latest quilt top that I finished over the weekend. I love the colors, but then again, I love anything with purple. This was the first one that I really chose the colors all alone. Usually I need help, but this time I braved it out and I think it turned out great.
Notice those cute little toes on the bottom? Sarah HAD to help her Baba hold it up and then decided that she HAD to be in the photo! I couldn't resist a little tickle when she wasn't looking! :)