Monday, June 19, 2006

Photos, As Promised

Sarah got a hold of the new cute pink camo outfit my Mom sent her and just HAD to try it on. She was hilarious...waddling around like a little penguin with the skirt around her knees! I guess this is her version of getting dressed.

She just loves the Elephant sunglasses my Mom sent and tried them on and kept going around the house saying, "ell-fan" it was adorable.

Don't you just love that smile? Those pearly whites are just the cutest, I just love that girl!!!

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Aunt Pats Attic said...

Sarah is just too cute--but then, I'm biased--must be a family trait for this generation in our family--Samantha's adorable, too!! Where's a picture of Samantha, Robin? Maybe Uncle Greg needs to send you a pic. What a difference I can see from the fotos Stacey took on your first day home last November to June!