Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play Time at the Park

On Friday we got together with Angie and her girls, Chelsea & Miranda Joy at the park. The girls had a blast and got out a lot of energy, which was wonderful at nap time! Chelsea is holding her little sister on the slide! WEEEE!
Chelsea and Sarah riding the animals!
LOTS of FUN on the swings!
Chelsea was pushing Sarah!

Don't ya just LOVE that smile? Boy, Miranda Joy is just that-a joy to be around!
She did it all by herself this time!

My Baby is climbing all by herself!
Chelsea tackling the monkey bars with a little help from her Mom!

Sarah LOVES that slide!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Walking the dog on Easter

After church on Easter morning, Sarah just HAD to take our dog, Jackie Chan, for a walk. It was such a beautiful day, too!

Friday, April 04, 2008

March's Play Date

Due to having to say goodbye to my little buddy, I haven't been focussing enough on Sarah's Adventures and so I'm trying to get a little caught up here. This was our play date with our Chinese Adoptive friends we had beck on March 8th. We decided to go to the Zoo. We LOVE the Zoo and it ended up being a great day. It wasn't too cold, nor too hot, and wasn't very busy, either. We got to meet our baby giraffe, too, for the first time. She's a cutie!
Here is Sarah with Donna riding in Sarah's wagon. Our Zoo's newest addition!
These next three shots are my attempt to get a group photo...yeah, right. With this many cuties, it's impossible to get them all looking and smiling at the same time! Still, they're all adorable!

There's Lia and Emilie looking at the Lynx through the glass.

Sarah with Lia checking out the Lynx

Sarah decided that she's big enough to pull her wagon, ALL BY HERSELF!!

Dear Danny Boy...

Danny Boy-
I sit and listen for your paw

to scratch upon the door,
and all at once, I realize ...
I won't hear that anymore.

I'll miss you more than you will know
I love you very much!
I would give most anything
To feel your soft warm touch.

You're the sweetest dog in all the world
A dear you've always been,
And I will really miss you
because you were my friend!

More than a friend, you know that's true
So gentle all your days.
I won't forget the love we've shared
as we go our separate ways.

To meet again in the final end
In heaven we will be...
And I can hold and pet you
Throughout Eternity.


One of my dearest friends, Barbara, wrote this poem and I received it today in a sympathy card. Of course, I cried, but I thought it was such a wonderful sentiment for me and my beloved Danny Boy. Thanks Barbara, for such an amazing gift.