Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fun new surprises from Lao Lao

We got a box today from my Mom, Sarah's Lao Lao. She misses Sarah so much she's sending her fun stuff all the time. We got some pretty hair bows, that I managed to keep in her hair for the 5 minutes that it took for me to get these photos taken.

I just love that silly little smile! When you tell her, "show me your teeth," and there are those pearly whites! What a little doll. She was in the best mood today. We were really busy doing errands and I was doing 2 mystery shops and buying Troy's Dad's day present. She woke up from her nap SOOO happy, it was a joy. 180 degrees different than her "wake-up" the other day. She was calling us from the crib, "BABA! MAMA!" We would say, "SARAH" and she would laugh like crazy. When I went up to get her she held on to the crib rail and started giggling and jumping on the bed. She was so cute. Of course, I'm biased but she's the cutest girl ever!

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