Friday, May 28, 2010

My Little Weather Girl!

At our local Planetarium, there is a weather forecasting area. You can see Sarah on the TV screen on the right. She thought it was fun to tell us the weather!

Yes, the Dolphin has now learned how to "do the weather"

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here is Sarah and Lao Ye taking their photo themselves outside my Grandma's house

Sarah with Gigi

Sarah and Lao Ye again...

Sarah with Poppy

Fun Ohio Pics

Here is my Mom, Sarah and my Cousin, Scott's little baby girl-she's cute, huh?Here is Sarah and my Mom hanging out in the quilt store...yes, I just couldn't stay away from the quilt store, even on vacation!

Me & My Noodle by the train...

By the Train with LaoLao

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a fun Easter Egg Hunt at my Mom's house. Sarah had SOO much fun!

Just before our hunt, Sarah was playing with Lao Ye and playing tug of war with Sammy! Don't you love the look on her face in this one? Delight!

How's that for an "egg portrait?"
LOOK! I found one!

Easter Sunday

Sammy and Sarah waiting for the Easter Bunny to come back.

Sarah wasn't happy that we were leaving, she wanted more time to play with her cousin...can you tell?
Sarah and Sammy playing with their jump ropes they got for Easter!
Uncle Greg decided to join in!

Here's most of my family...My Cousin, Christine (Sammy's Mom), my Mom (Sarah's LaoLao), My Poppy, Uncle Greg, Me, on the bottom, Sarah, Sammy, and my Grandma (Sarah's Gigi)

And...the Easter Bunny has arrived...however Sarah wouldn't go near!!

Here we are in front of my Mom's house. Sarah's Lao Ye, Sarah's LaoLao, Me, Gigi, Sarah, and Poppymore jumproping!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Since we unexpectedly ended up in Ohio for Easter, we made sure to have some fun coloring Easter eggs with Sarah.
Here she is with her Gigi (Great-Grandma, get it? G G?) Anyway...

Me and my girl...

3 of the 4 generations! Gigi, Sarah and LaoLao

Last Minute Trip to Ohio

At the end of March we had some upsetting news, my Grandmother (Dad's side) passed away. Thanks goodness for my Mom and her skymiles, she was able to get Sarah and I plane tickets so we could go to Ohio for the funeral. We were able to stay with my Mom and see my family and also spend some time at the funeral and re-connect with LOTS of my cousins and family on my Dad's side-many of whom I haven't seen since 1988! So, it was great, even though it was a sad occasion it was a blessing to see everyone and now we are keeping in touch!

Here is Sarah with Samantha, my cousin's daughter. She had a blast with Sammy-they were making flowers/bouquets or something here...

We took my Mom's dog (also named Sammy) to the dog park. Don't ask how that went! Let's just say I highly doubt I will ever get Sarah to go to another dog park EVER!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

As Mother's Day Approaches...

With the approach Mother’s Day my mind has been thinking of so many things about Motherhood…my own Mother, the recent death of my Dad’s Mother, the fact that my Mom’s Mother may not live to see 2011…becoming a Mother myself to my most amazing little girl…and about another Mother. I wonder…I wish there were so many things I could tell and ask her. Was she married? Did her in-laws put pressure on her to give up their baby because she was a girl and they had no heir to care for them in their old age? Was she a second child? Did she have an older brother? Or sister? Or was she too young to care for a child? Who brought her to the gate of the orphanage? Did the person wait and watch in hiding to make sure she was found quickly? What happened? Why did she abandon my precious daughter? I wish there was a way to answer all these questions for my Sarah one day.

It is because of this woman’s sacrifice that such a precious little baby girl was brought into our family…from so far away, in such a different place chosen especially for our family by God. I wonder if she thinks about Sarah and wonders about her life…where she is, what kind of family she has, how much she is loved and treasured.

I wish I could tell her that Sarah lights up our home in a way only she can. I wish I could tell her that Sarah swims like a fish, wants to be an Olympic swimmer one day, and loves everything to do with the ocean. I wish I could tell her that Ariel is her favorite Princess. I wish I could tell her that Sarah’s the tallest girl in her preschool class, tallest kid for that matter. I wish I could tell her that Sarah is already reading stories to me at bedtime. I wish I could tell her how loving Sarah is, how caring she is…I wish I could tell her about when I have a headache or am hurt and Sarah prays for me. I wish I could tell her how she loves to ride her bike. I wish I could tell her that Sarah has lost 5 teeth already and has a 6th that’s a little wobbly. I wish I could tell her that Sarah loves to draw and color and that every person she draws ends up being a mermaid by the time the drawing’s done. I wish I could tell her how much she makes me laugh every day…how much fun she is to be around…but most of all I wish I could tell her how much I love the girl who began life in her womb and how thankful I am.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

She Loves to Pose!

I wonder if she'll be a model when she grows up? If it has anything to do with how much she loves to pose for the camera, she will for sure! She's got her little buddy, Winston with her here.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Sarah had a fun St. Patrick's Day party at her preschool. She had so much fun!