Monday, February 05, 2007

Wow, How time FLIES!

I can't believe that Sarah has been in our family for over 15 months. That means that in her short life of 2 years, and 3 months...or 27 months...she has been an Archer for the majority of her life! I don't know how this milestone passed me by without my realizing it. But, I love being able to say that she's been in my arms for longer than she was in anyone else's.
Every day in her eyes, I see more and more trust and more and more love. I thank God for the honor and privilege of being Sarah's Mama, and that HE entrusted us with this beautiful girl from so far away.
Everyone always talks about how great we are because we adopted an orphan and how we saved her. I just look at those beautiful, dark, almond shaped eyes and think, I'm the lucky one! I get to be the Mother to the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. I get the best hugs and kisses anyone ever got in the history of time. I get to read stories to the sweetest little girl on the planet, all curled up on my lap and snuggled up against me. I get to hold and sing to this little soul entrusted to my care when she needs comfort and has owies that need kissing. I get to say prayers with the cutest little girl you've ever seen, as her Baba holds her before bed and she puts one hand on each of our heads and says, "pay, Baba!" So, I don't feel like a hero because I'm Sarah's Mama, I feel humbled, honored, and blessed that of all the women in this world...God chose me to be her mother.

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