Monday, February 05, 2007

Take a Picture, Mama!

So, Sarah is finally starting to get it where photos are concerned. Last night she got our her toy camera that Lucy (she's from the same SWI as Sarah and was adopted by Teresa & Chris sho live in Florida) gave her and kept telling me to smile so she could take my picture. When she saw me with the camera tonight, she kept telling me, "take picture, Mama!" She even went to the stairs (our regular photo spot when I'm trying to take a photo of her cute outfit to show Lao Lao).
Tonight my Danny Boy needed a bit of a trim. So, I got the scissors out myself and hacked away at his hair. He looks pretty mangy, but he needed it. When he gives me a chance, I'll fix it the rest of the way. Afterwards, Sarah kept telling me how soft he was and Danny Boy, who normally stays away from Sarah, let her pet him. See, that little dog has been with me for a LONG time, longer than my husband, by many years! He is 14 1/2 years old and I've had him since he was 9 weeks old. He doesn't hear very well anymore, and his eyes look like he maybe has some cataracts or something messing with his vision. I sure do love that little dog, though. I'll be extremely heartbroken when he's not with us anymore. I don't even want to think about it!
Sarah ran over to the couch once I grabbed the camera and kept telling me, "take picture, Mama." "Danny boy soft, take Danny boy" So, of course, I couldn't resist.

It looks like my dog isn't the only one who needs a little bit of a trim, huh?

Oh, and of course, she just HAD to give him kisses!


redmaryjanes said...

She is just so cute!
Great pictures!

Sarah's LaoLao said...

Now there are 3/4 of my favorite peeps all together--the 3 of you
--Sarah, Danny Boy, and you-- in UT and, of course, my LaoYi (who is collecting inexpensive toys that he used to pass out to our friends' little guys but now saving them to send to Sarah) Get the foto spot on the stairs ready--I working on a valentine twirl skirt for out girl even as I type.

Love to all you
Sarah's LaoLao