Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More fun with Waldo...

...and introducing, his buddy, Winston (he's the smaller fuzzier one).
So, I'm a Mama obsessed. I just think my baby's so darn cute, I can't choose just one photo...I go a little nuts. You should see my scrapbook, it's ridiculous how many photos I have of my baby! *sigh* What's a mother to do?
Maybe I can find a 12 step program of some kind...although if loving my baby's an addiction, I don't wanna get better!! lol
Here she is...
Awww...Waldo, You're a good boy...I need to give you kisses!

Heehee....I just love those light switches! How many times do you think I can turn the lights on and off? Do you wanna see??
(By the way...the piggy tails have only come out for baths! She won't even let us take them out when she goes to sleep! I guess I don't have to worry about HER taking them out! Who knew piggy tails would have been so much fun?)

Yup, I love my doggies, I need to pucker up to give them lots of kisses!

She's double fistin' it now!

A girl and her doggies...don't leave home without them!
By the way, the cute outfit is brought to you by Lao Lao, from who else, but Gymboree!


Susie said...

Your daughter truly is beautiful. She seems so fun and willing to give her smiles. You are very lucky! :)

redmaryjanes said...

She is absolutely adorable. You have good reason to take so many pictures!

Mommy Spice said...

Well, I'm right there with you. I keep my camera in my purse and find photo moments every day of my little girl. I have so many photo albums...and now that I've discovered blogging, well, I need a 12 step program as well.

BTW, with a little girl that cute, why not take ooodles of pictures?

Sarah's LaoLao said...

Now aren't you glad that LaoLao gave Waldo and Winston(they resembled one another in their coloring and are both from the planet PinknWhite so they both got alliterative names) to our little darling Sarah-Beara and aren't we all soooo sad that Winston (the smaller KRU brand is, so far, irreplaceable whereas Waldo is a Gund and therefore should, I accentuate the word SHOULD, be available somewhere. Love to my little darling--
Sarah's LaoLao.