Monday, February 12, 2007

Favorite Sarah-isms

So, the last little while I've been keeping track of some of my favorite Sarah-isms just because they CRACK ME UP or melt my heart to a blob of love on the floor! I couldn't help but keep track of them for a while so that I could share them here with you all.
1. I was ironing in the kitchen the other day working on some quilt squares that I was swapping with people for our 100 Good Wishes Quilt. This was the first time Sarah had ever seen the iron, as it's usually in the basement. I explained to her that it was hot, so as not to touch it..."Mama is ironing, it's hot...don't touch or you'll get owies!"
To which Sarah pointed at the iron/ironing board and confidently proclaimed, "Mama's onion ring!" more going to Sonic for this family!
2. We were reading stories and Sarah grabbed her favorite Veggie Tales board book so Mama could read to her. She opened it up and announced to her Mama, "Bob Mato" as she pointed to the Red, Round character on the page.
To which I responded encouragingly, "YES, Sarah, that's Bob the Tomato! Who is the green one?"
She looked at the green vegetable on the page, pointed at him and looked up to me and said, enunciating every syllable perfectly, "Larry Cute-Cum-Ber"
I giggled, "YES, Baby, that's Larry the Cucumber!"
3. A week or so ago Sarah was standing on her chair next to me so she could reach my hair and was looking at it. She picked up my hair and let it fall back down to my shoulders, giggling, and telling me, "Mama-hair long!"
Me: "Is Mama's hair long?"
This is when she absolutely melted my heart...She grabbed my cheeks in both hands, gave me the sweetest kiss and laid her head on my shoulders, telling me, "ugg, Mama"
...These are the times my heart is so full *sigh*
4. Sarah has a little dog, "Lil' Snoopy" from Fisher Price with a cord to pull him around...we got it for her first Christmas with us back in 2005. She now must take him all over the place with her. Every time we let the dogs out in the back yard to "do their business" she HAS to grab her little doggie, she runs to find him, grabs him and declares, "DOGGIE GO POTTY!" He must be put on porch, even in a snowstorm, while she waits in the kitchen, for him to "do his business."
5. The other day, Sarah some how got a hold of the roll of paper towels while my back was turned. She has this adorable plush Lamb chair that she loves to sit in. You can see him in the background here. By the time I turned around she had pulled about 6 paper towels off the roll, draped them across her Lamb chairs face, and declared to me, "Lambie blow nose!"
6. I've been going to a bible study on Thursday nights at church the past couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago, Troy got home from work before I needed to leave, so he put her to bed for me at the appropriate time. I got home probably about 15 minutes after he'd put her down and when he did, he told her that "when Mama gets home, she'll come and say good night to you."
So, I walk in the door and am telling Troy a story and just figured I'd wait until I was done to go up to her. She had heard the garage door open up and then heard my voice. She screamed, "MAMAAAA!!" Since I was telling a story, I didn't answer and continued to talk to Troy. After 2 or 3 minutes of me talking to Troy and Sarah screaming, "MAMAAAA" she thought she would try something different. All of a sudden, I hear, "MAMA! WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUU???"
I just about busted a gut!
7. We were driving home today and Troy had called my cell phone and we talked for a few minutes. At the end of the conversation, we said the normal, "I love you"s and I hung up. After which, the following occurred:
Sarah: "I love you!"
Mama: "I love Baba, do you love Baba, too?"
Sarah: "Yup...Love Baba...We Keep him"
I have told her that in passing a few times, but it must have been at least 3 months ago the last time I said it. It absolutely cracked me up!! I still laugh and it happened hours ago!
8. Every morning, before Troy goes to work, we pray as a family. The three of us hold hands and say a prayer, Mama for Baba and Baba for Mama and Sarah. Every day when I pray for Troy, one of the things I says is, "Protect Baba and protect his truck and trailer from any accident or harm."
This morning we were sitting on my bed and Sarah was in Troy's lap. He prayed for us and I started to pray for him. When I got to the part of asking for protection for him, "Lord, protect Baba..."
I hear the sweetest, smallest little voice say, "truck and trailer"
Both our hearts melted that time...
What a sweetie, MAN, I am blessed!

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