Friday, February 16, 2007

Photo Shoot with Waldo!

And so it's time that we bring to you, all the way from Sarah's arms...her most favorite toy and dog in all the world....dah dah daaahhhh
Sarah absolutely insisted that I take Waldo's picture, and since she would NOT put him down....there you have it. I doubt there's ever been a little pink & white stuffed dog that's ever been loved so much by his girl. (I really hope to find another one as a backup or I may be in trouble!)

A girl and her dog

This is normally where you find Waldo

We let Waldo have a little nap for a game of "where's Sarah" behind the corner of the wall. Can I tell you I just love my camera, she was only out there for like 2 seconds and it was enough to catch that beautiful smile!

Okay, Mama...can't I just go to my nap now? Haven't we had enough? Waldo is really sleepy and wants to go to bed. I'll meet you up there...

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