Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

We had lots and lots of fun this year at Families With Children from China's Chinese New Year party last Saturday evening. It was a huge potluck and I made Lemon Chicken that actually turned out really yummy. We saw some friends and met some new ones. It was an event NOT to miss!

Here is Sarah coloring a Chinese dragon picture with her friend, Chelsea. Angie is hovering over Sarah, giving her a helping hand with those markers. (Thanks, Angie!) I'm the one flinching behind the camera and praying she won't draw on her beautiful outfit from China.

This is my Little One with Chelsea and both of her brothers. L to R it's Chelsea, Corey, Sarah, and Jared. Chelsea, Corey and Jared are waiting for their little sister's referral from China and are excited to meet her. They drew some artwork to help their Mom and Dad with fundraising for their adoption. You can check them out here:

How cute is that? I love how hard she's concentrating, got that tongue out and everything.

Hmm, Baba...I'm thinking, what should we do now?

Mama's helping me make a piggie,'s the year of the Pig, you know!

We're trying to glue on these blasted eyes!

Stick, will you???

Here, Mama, I have the stick.

This is the "smile" we get now when we tell her to "smile, so we can take your picture!" She's trying...even though she looks like she's in pain.


Andrea said...

It was so good to see you guys again. Sarah looked adorable! Hope to see you all soon!

redmaryjanes said...

Sarah is just too cute!!

redmaryjanes said...

Did you get the quilt square yet?

Eliza2006 said...

Hi! It was good to put a face to a blog! It was really nice meeting you and your beautiful daughter!


Nancy said...

It was exciting to see our grandchildren with their friend, Sarah. She is sure a cutie! We can't wait to meet our newest granddaughter from China.