Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hide N' Seek

We had a fun game of hide n' seek in Sarah's little "house" as she likes to call it. She was tearing apart the living room with her toys, as you can see, and playing with Baba. I grabbed the camera as I just can't miss out on any potential photo ops.

Now, notice the plastic tub full of puzzles there in front of the house?? Well, we're about to see how it played a part in how all the fun and laughter ended!
Yes, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt! My baby hit her face on the box o' puzzles and was less than thrilled about it. She's still cute, even when she's crying, don't ya think?

Here she's showing Baba her owies so he can kiss them.

Awww...but there's nothing like a hug and lovins from Mama to make her feel better.

Pay no attention to the lovely way she is wearing her onesie...we're potty training over here. Easy access #1, fashion #2!

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