Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yes, that's Belle with our girl!

Sarah got a real treat last weekend! We took her to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast musical at the local ampitheatre. It was SO good! They did a wonderful job and I was so struck by the similarities between Belle and the voice on the Disney movie! She sounded exactly like the Belle Sarah has grown to love in the movie. When we told Sarah where we were going, she kept asking if the Beast was going to bite her. ", honey...the Beast is nice and he won't hurt anyone." When he came on stage, she'd say, "He's NOT going to bite me!" very matter of fact!
Don't ask me how, but while Troy had a rest on the bench, Sarah and I battled the HUGE crowd so that we could get a photo with Belle! Sarah grabbed her hand, it was too cute. She still tells me all about meeting Belle and sitting on her and taking a photo. It definitely left an impression. Unfortunately these are the only photos because all the other characters were there, but Sarah would not get her photo with them. After we saw Belle, she was done! The other photos I took before the performance while we were waiting and walking.

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Susie said...

It blows me away at how beautiful Sarah is. She will be the "belle of the ball," as she gets older. Her smile is wonderful. Hope all of you are well and having as much fun as possible.