Sunday, September 16, 2007

Play Date at the Aviary

So, yesterday morning, we had our little play date with the girlies from China at the Aviary. It was a lot of fun. Sarah had a blast looking at all the birds! We went to the bird show and saw a lot of unique birds and some of them flew around us and over our heads. The girls had more fun eating snacks than watching the birds, but isn't that what a play date is about...having fun together! Here's a little view of our morning...

it's some kind of condor or vulture, I forgot exactly what they still looks cool! the very beautiful macaw

Isn't Emilie just a little doll?
from front to back there's, Emilie just standing, Sarah having a drink, Lia checking out the the bird show and Sunny munching down some snacks.
Awesome Golden Eagle

Mom, Sunny gave me some snacks, they're yummy. She's nice to share with me!
This was a riot...never mind trying to get them to smile at the same time, I just wanted them to all look at the camera simultaneously...aspirations that were a little high, I found out! :)

Sarah, was showing off...Emilie checking out what Sarah was doing and Sunny was at least looking at me, then Lia...well, she just looks adorable, smile and all!
Then, Sarah's talking and closing her eyes, Emilie is trying to climb around...Sunny isn't too amused...and Lia is checking out my goofy daughter.

So, we try again...Sarah's looking somewhere else, Emilie and Lia are looking at me, and Sunny is trying to figure out what Emilie is doing....*sigh*

I don't even know where Sarah went!! Emilie and Sunny are going to join her, and Lia has also figured out how to get down!
Whew, we found Sarah....Emilie was looking the other way, Sunny trying to fix her swim suit, Sarah looking in the direction from where she'd come, and Lia looking to where she wants to go! Alright guys, you're all cute, smiles or not and looking at me or not...I give up!
Pretty flamingos
This was a lot of fun...we went and fed the lorikeets, they were beautiful and hungry! We held out fruit in our hands and they would eat it right from our hands.
Sarah was saying, what is this thing on my leg?

Eating watermelon from my hand, isn't he gorgeous?
A friend decided to join him!

Yeah, you can tell she was less than thrilled to have a bird perched on her! She was happy feeding the many that were landing on her Mama.

Sarah kept handing her apple to the bird instead of holding it so he'd take bites...

He's eating my apple, Mama!!
Sunny thought it was cool!

close up of a beautiful lory!

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