Thursday, September 27, 2007

Exotic Animals & Reptiles!

Last weekend, we took the kids to see the animals and reptiles at this expo show. They loved it. We saw tarantulas, scorpions, snakes of all sizes and types, a gila monster, chameleons, turtles, iguanas, and all kinds of lizards. They were pretty cool. We got a few photos of some of them.
Bailey loved this tiny baby bearded dragon...Can you see him on her thumb?

Braden got to hold this awesome Ball Python! They're very docile snakes...and isn't he beautiful?
Sarah didn't want to hold it, but she did touch him and told me how soft he was.
And of course, Bailey got her turn!

Braden and Sarah checking out the turtles!
Wow, Braden! Check out that snake!!
He's a brave one, that scorpion!

We did bring home a friend from the show...stay tuned for photos of our new pet! I're holding your breath in anticipation! :)

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