Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Little Cutie

Well, first of all, I should apologize. First to Sarah's Lao Lao (sorry, Mom) for not posting for too long, so you can see your granddaughter. Life has been so busy, I can't even begin to explain. Then, there was the fact that Sarah has lost my camera, ARGH! She got into my camera bag to eat my mints and put on chapstick. She gave me the camera bag when I told her to bring it to me. I put it up high where she couldn't reach. A few days later, I went to take a photo of her miss cuteness, and the camera wasn't in the bag! I asked her where it was and all she could say was, "it's gone, Mama!" SO, I had to dig out an old camera that I hate. At least it takes photos, though. I'll have to ask for a new one for Christmas. (even though the missing one was last year's Christmas gift!) Either way, at least the old icky one works.
Here's my little cutie at church this morning...

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