Friday, August 24, 2007

Ice Skating!

A week ago Wed. (yes, I'm a little behind). We took the kids ice skating at the Olympic Oval. It was Sarah's first time, actually it was all 3 kids first time. Bailey and Sarah loved it...Braden just wanted to be on ground that wasn't slippery! Still it was fun.
Baba is teaching his baby how to skate...

Braden's favorite spot...dry land! (look at those beautiful blues!)
Bailey's favorite spot...right next to the wall where she could hold on!


C.J. said...

I LOVE skating. I took lessons and the works. Of course, I can only imagine what I would look like on the ice now. It had been years. Somehow I think I'll be finding out what I look like. I better take my calcium so I don't break anything chasing a little one on skates ;0)

Andrea said...

Great pictures!! It was so good to see you guys at the picnic! I am looking forward to the next playdate! I am also tagging you for the "middle name meme?" Hope you don't mind!