Saturday, September 16, 2006

INTRODUCING! My Uncle Robert!

Okay, So Troy's brother, Sarah's Uncle Robert, came to visit last weekend for a few days. Sarah had a BLAST with him. Unusual for her, she took to him immediately. I think that she could recognize things in him that are so similar to her Baba. She kept asking about him all the time and when he left she was always asking me about Uncle Rober? It was really cute, a few days after he left to go back to California, I was folding the laundry and there were some shirts of Troy's. 2 of them were the same color as the shirt that Robert's wearing in this photo and she kept pointing to it saying, "Rober, Rober?" I couldn't believe that she even recognized the color of one of Robert's t-shirts! God blessed me with a little smartie for a daughter! Enjoy the photos!
Okay, you can't tell they're brothers AT ALL, can you?

Let me see, Uncle Rober...what's with that fuzz on your face?

See, I love my Uncle Rober...but my Baba is over there being silly, trying to make me laugh!

A girl and her Uncle!

Doesn't she just have that, "I'm going to do something really mischievious," look?


Joely's mom said...

Sarah is adorable! The transformation from referral photos to now is amazing - thanks for sharing those. And happy early birthday to Sarah!

Sarah's proud Mama said...

Thanks! I can't believe my baby's going to be 2! It really seems like yesterday that we held her for the first time.