Friday, September 01, 2006

A little break at the park

Okay, Sooo some would say I'm camera happy when it comes to my Noodle (as I affectionately call my little Chinese Noodle) but I just can't help it. I think she's so darn cute I just keep shooting those photos and can usually figure out which ones are the ones I should post. Then I have days like today, when I think she's being so cute and her personality is beaming in each one, I just
HAVE to share them all. Before nap time this afternoon and after lunch, we decided to go the park down the street and play. I couldn't resist her telling me, "SHLIDE! SHLIDE! SHLIDE!" like she does every time we pass it, I thought, I'll go and slide with my Noodle for a little bit.

Okay, so Mama, I think I like this horshey, but I'm not too sure it's not as bouncy as my Buttercup at home, I guess the jury's still out on this one.

This horshey, however...I think she needs some hugs, I'll have to help her to feel better, Awwww, come here horshey, it's okay.

See, there? You're a good horshey, I think you're really sweet, hmm...maybe even sweet enough for...

A kiss from your friend, Sarah, MMUUUAAAAHHHH!

Mama, Mama! Look, they have woodchips here! You know how I love to put them places they don't belong!.

See? Do you like the pretty design I made on the sidewalk?

Hmm...I think I do pretty good work, if I do say so, myself!

Mama, Over here...I want to go up the stairs! Come on!

Hey, Mama! I know you think I have a cute bum, but do you have to immortalize it for all to see? --Sorry Noodle, Mama just can't help herself!

What's going on over here?

What a bummer, look Mama, it's so sad...someone broke my favorite shlide!

Okay, Mama, here I come...I'm a little nervous on this bridge cause it moves, Help?

Okay, here I go, back across the bridge, stay close Mama!

Look, Mama in the sky, there is an Ay plane!

Ahhh, I love to swing...Mama, more?

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Stacey said...

You know when she first got here she was not so giving of her love........and look at her now!!!