Thursday, September 14, 2006

Caught up? Yeah, right!

Well, I THOUGHT I would have a chance to get all caught up on this blog...BUT, then Life happened and well, not so much. But, here are some photos from last Friday and Sunday. I have been trying, to no avail, to get Sarah to wear bows, barrettes, headbands, you name it in her hair for the past...well-11 months since we've been together. FINALLY, I have NO idea what happened, I cannot explain it nor do I even care to...I just LOVE it!
Last Friday, I asked Sarah if I could put a bow in her hair (even though this water-spout thing is just a tiny hair tie) and she said she always does. BUT, this time, instead of taking it out 3 seconds after I put it in...she waited about 10 mintues then took it out. BUT, the difference is she brought it to me and said, "bow?" and leaned her head over to me so that I could put it back in her hair. Miracle of it is that she left it in the rest of the day! And, since then, every morning when she wakes up and every time she wakes up from her nap, she grabs her hair and asks, "bow?" Can you believe it? It's like someone just flipped a switch in my little girl and now she has learned to appreciate "pretties" in her hair! It's gotten to the point that when I take it out at night, by morning it's so used to being in the waterspout, it's still sticking straight up waiting for another little rubber hair tie to be put in! I'm hoping we can progress soon to the pretty bows and barrettes that have been filling her drawer. I guess it doesn't take much to excite me anymore! I just realized I wrote a really long paragraph on my daughter wearing little ties in her hair. Huh. Well, anyway, hope you enjoy the waterspout series of photos! I sure do enjoy her asking for them!

Having a good laugh in her Sunday dress with waterspout, of course!

A girl and her Baba...she sure does adore him (and shhh, so do I!)

Awww, it's story time in the living room!

Look at those pearly whites! I love that girl so much, just look into those eyes and you'll fall in love, too!

Our first water spout day in a new dress from LaoLao. Notice the strawberry? Well all day on Friday, she kept showing me that she had a "shrawbear" on her dress! What a little smartie!

Mama, "toad" (cold in Sarah) she kept telling me, "toad" she HAD to have me wrap her in her sof (soft) so she wasn't "toad"!

Okay, Mama, I have my purse...I'm ready to go Bye-Bye!

Awww...I just LOVE my Baba! Gotta give kisses!

Hey, what are you have the camera AGAIN? sheesh, Mama...give a girl a break!


Andrea said...

I love the "water spout", she is such a cutie!

Aunt Pat's Attic said...

Hip Hip Hooray--now I can really go into overdrive making bows and flowers and pretty barettes for her hair----


Sarah's LaoLao