Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Uh, yeah...So I have been a little busy!

Well, I'm a little bit of a slacker lately and a whole lot busy! I am finally getting back to trying to blog a little more least until we go to Ohio in a couple of weeks to see my family. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago after church and before naptime. I just LOVE this dress and the boots! TO DIE FOR! What a little fashion princess I have!! Thanks to Lao Lao, that is!
Hee Hee! quick, Mama, catch my smile cause it's not gonna last for very long!

Yeah, Mama...Hurry it up, will ya! I have "bottle on the brain!"

Okay, I have Winston (Sarah's FAVORITE doggie) all bundled up and ready for his nap...isn't time for me too?

UGH, Mama...can you put that camera AWAY?? I really am tired of modeling for you today! I want to go night-night!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah is SO CUTE!!