Sunday, September 10, 2006

Getting Caught up!

I'm trying to get a little caught up here! I've had a very busy week. Last night, Robert (Troy's little-not-so-little) :) brother arrived for a visit from California. It is really nice to see him. The last time he came to Utah was for our wedding so, as you can imagine, Troy's VERY excited that his little brother is here. They've gone to Cabela's (a man's paradise) then shooting for the afternoon so they'll have a blast (literally and figuratively), I'm sure. SO, my week has been REALLY busy making sure the house was presentable for a guest, chasing Sarah around, selling stuff on Ebay to make some money for an upcoming trip, going to bible study, doing Mystery Shops (my 2nd part-time job) and just being a Wife and Mom. Now I should be able to get some cute phtos of my Noodle up here from the past week.

Here is my Noodle riding her VERY cool Radio Flyer trike from her Lao Lao. (Thanks, Lao Lao) She loves for me to push her in it, and hasn't quite figured out she can make it go herself by pedaling...we're still working on that one.

A girl, her bike, her dogs, and her Baba!

These were taken at our church picnic last Sunday. It was fun and Sarah got her face painted for the first time by my friend, Paige. (She's the one that painted the GORGEOUS murals in Sarah's room as our baby shower gift--she's one talented artist) Any of you who are looking for someone to paint your nursery or anywhere in your house, let me know and I'll get you her info, she's amazing!

She looks like she's really concentrating and held AMAZINGLY still! I couldn't believe it! That was the ONLY time she held still all day!

Uh, Baba? I think I may need a little...

... help! Whew...thanks Baba!

WOW! I really like this tube thing, Mama! This is cool!

Look out, here I come!

Heehee, that was FUN!

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LaoLao said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO terrible--I literally cannot get my fill of Sarah--I click on the pictures on the blog to enlarge them and then when they're enlarged--I click on them again to enlarge them AGAIN--so glad you enlightened this old woman to spy that feature.!!
!week and 1 day to Sarah!!