Friday, February 01, 2008


Last night, we welcomed Miranda Joy home from China with her Mama and Baba (Angie & Kyle)! It was awesome to FINALLY meet Miranda Joy and see her cute smiles and loving personality for ourselves. Jared, Corey, and Chelsea were VERY excited too see Mom and Dad for the first time in 2 weeks and meet their little sister for the first time. It was such a blessing to be a part of. There were definitely tears of joy in my eyes!! I took about 100 photos, but here are some of the highlights for me and Sarah.

My friend, Paige, painted this beautiful banner for us. Isn't she talented?

Chelsea was waiting anxiously for her family to come home!

Jared listening to some tunes while we waited for the plane to land...
There's Corey, waving his arms frantically when he saw Mom and Dad and Miranda Joy coming down the hall!

FINALLY!! They're here!

Angie and Miranda Joy immediately surrounded by Chelsea, Jared, and Corey (behind), and of course, Sarah didn't want to be left out.

Sarah's checking out Miranda Joy and Miranda Joy's checking out that balloon!

WOO HOO! Our newest US Citizen proudly waves her flag!!

We were blessed to see lots of these smiles from Miranda Joy all night long...her name is definitely appropriate, she's FULL of joy!
Chelsea was going to give Miranda Joy a hug and she decided a hug wasn't good enough...she climbed right up onto Chelsea and wrapped her legs around about cute!

Sarah and Miranda Joy making friends at the little get together that Angie's neighbor, Mindi hosted.

Checking each other out...
Sarah getting loves from her Angie!

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