Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Note to My Daughter

Occasionally...once every couple of years or so...something moves my heart. In this case it was an embrace last night at a church meeting. Sarah was being so good...coloring with me in the corner and once in a while checking in with Troy, whispering her requests and comments in our ears. I was really proud of her...she's such a good girl. I couldn't get out of my mind, the look she had on her face while giving her Baba loves...I had to write it down and this is how it came out.

The Embrace
by Robin Archer

Timidly, you approach him
The big, burly, most gruff of men…
Eyes wide open and inquisitive
Gazing up to his adoring blue eyes

You take his large rough hands
Into yours; small, soft and sweet
And climb into his lap
Taking your place in his arms

You turn your glance toward me
Smiling: your heart full of love,
Happiness, joy and contentment.
As if he were created just for you.

So petite and sweet, you melt his heart
With your smile and adoring eyes.
You lay your head on his shoulder…
That spot you’ve claimed as your own.
In his heart and in his life.

I watch: my eyes welling up with tears.
My Love and my girl…
The love they share:
So big, no words could describe.

Just looking into your face…
Those glowing, sparkling eyes
And smile so big it melts
The hardest of hearts.

I can see the love you have
For your Baba and it blesses my heart
To see it in your eyes:
For the Man in our lives.

A love deeper than oceans and
Higher than the heavens.
How I wish this moment could last forever.
But, in a moment, you’re off
To color Pooh a pretty shade of purple.


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