Thursday, February 07, 2008

February's China Play Date

Sarah had a BLAST yesterday at our little play date with China girls and their mommies. We went to the Discovery Museum...OH MY GOODNESS!!! It couldn't have been more fun for Sarah. We'd love to get a membership there, if possible! There was so much to do and it was all so stimulating! She took a REALLY good nap yesterday afternoon! We met a new friend yesterday and her Mom, too!
Sarah went straight to the water activity...didn't pass go, didn't collect her $200...straight to that water!

Have you ever seen anyone this excited about a ping pong ball and some water??

Here is our friend, Lia relaxing in the chair.

Sarah and Lia going for a ride in the boat and evidently having a very intent conversation!
Sarah in the grocery store...will that be paper or plastic?
Giddy up, Horsey!

Lia driving Sarah around in the farmer's truck!

Lia going for a ride!

Emilie's turn at the cash register!
Sarah at the play house, raiding the "frigelator" (in Sarah-nese)
Complete with red couch! Who needs the White Swan?

This was so cool! That tube next to Sarah was so cool, when Sarah opened it, and put a ball into it, the air blew her hair all over the place and it sucked up the ball and sent it over her head and dropped it into a bin! SHE LOVED IT!!!

A day full of fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Robin,
I want to thank you so much for the beautiful fabric and lovely wish you sent us last summer. In the envelope was a note saying you had seen our adoption web site and wanted to contribute to our 100 wishes quilt.
I don't believe I ever thanked you as I misplaced the envelope that your wish came in and didn't know how to contact you.

We are finally getting closer to the completion of our China adoption (LID 1/06) and I was going through my squares to have the quilt made and there was your square. After a little computer searching, I found your blog.
Your Sarah looks so happy and healthy.

It was very kind of you to send the squish for our child, it will be a wonderful addition to her quilt.

Best wishes to your family,
Laura and Robin Keir
Mission Viejo, CA