Sunday, February 24, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert!

Yes, That's me and Troy with STEVEN CURTIS (FREAKIN') CHAPMAN!! What a blessing to meet him last night after the concert! We were able to thank him for the grant that we received during Sarah's adoption. We showed him an adorable photo of our Sarah and he signed a book that we'd purchased at the concert. He was so nice and friendly...really humble, too. We were so excited to meet him that I even forgot to tell him everything that I wanted to!
Since America World, (AWAA), our adoption agency, was sponsoring the concert, we were asked to coordinate volunteers to work at the Shaohannah's Hope booths and carry buckets to collect change and money to help orphans come home to their forever families. It was an honor to help and we assisted in raising $4000 that was given to a Utah family, as a grant to help them with their adoption. They were invited by Shaohannah's Hope to the concert as guests and were brought up on stage at the end. They had no idea that they were receiving a grant and especially how much! It was awesome to see how blessed they were by the grant!
Anyway, here are some photos that I took throughout the night.

Angie and Miranda were talking to Troy...

Miranda Joy playing and giving me her beautiful smile...Troy got a turn to hold our little buddy!

...and so did I...I was squeezing her with hugs and she would just giggle...SO cute!

Then she held my face in her hands, and laughed. I just love that little girl!

Here are almost all of our friends and volunteers that helped out that night. There are 4 missing, I think!
There is SCC on stage at the end, about to announce the grant!

Here is the family...about to be told they received a grant of $4000 from the collections that night!

It was so cool to see their reaction! They were in tears, just as I would have been! At the time of the announcement, we'd collected over $ you can see on the screen. Well, so many people were moved that when we closed down the booths, we had the rest of the $800 in the buckets at the booths!

Here are Angie and Kyle with Miranda Joy meeting SCC and thanking him for their grant, too! Miranda Joy loved the bracelets he was wearing!
All Smiles!


Ruby Cate said...

That's amazing. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes & a smile from ear to ear. Glad to hear you had a wonderful night all for the good cause of helping such a beautiful family. *hugs* all around!

-Amy & Ruby Cate

Monica said...

The little girl with the nevus is adorable. Reese has port-wine stain.

Your Sarah is the same age as Reese; Reese was born in Oct. '04.