Friday, August 17, 2007

Swimming play date

On Wednesday afternoon we got together for our monthly playdate. Lia was there with her Mommy and Andrea (she's logged into China and has been for 11 months) came too.
The girls had a blast and so did Bailey and Braden.
Try to get both girls to smile at the same time! Not so easy, I tell you! And Sarah just towers over little Lia and there's only one year between them (born in the same month).
I like the way my finger tastes in this one...

Then, I decided to taste my hair...not bad!
...not so good, I like the finger better...
Isn't Lia's smile the cutest?
And finally! Sarah smiles...but Lia's losing hers!

Then we went to the inside pool because the big kids like the slide!
Braden got REALLY splashed!

Mama was taking me around and I was kicking my feet and trying to swim!

Braden just went down the slide!

Watch out, here comes Bailey!
Braden came down on his belly this time! It looks like fun!
Mama was playing with me on the stairs, we were being silly!
See how much fun we had?!


Andrea said...

It was fun!! Thanks again for inviting me!!

C.J. said...

Adorable water bugs!