Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sarah's Quote of the Week

So, it was a few nights ago and we were driving in the car. Sarah was asking her normal 20 questions about EVERYTHING. Troy was driving and the conversation went this way:

Sarah: "Baba?"
Troy: "Yes, Sarah?"
Sarah: "Are you driving?"
Troy: "Yes, Baba is driving. Are you driving, Sarah?"
Sarah: "No, Baba...."

She paused for a few minutes...and responded:

"I don't have a steering wheel!"

We all lost it and laughed like crazy. It was too funny. She's so matter of fact, it's hilarious.

After that, Troy whispered under his breath: "smart alec"

1 comment:

C.J. said...

Ah, I so look forward to these kinds of conversations. What fun it will be.