Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Play Date with Miss Chelsea!

Last week it was really hot and we planned a sprinkler play date with Chelsea! However, when we woke up that day, it was cold and rainy! So, we still had a play date, it was just indoors. Angie was watching another little girl as a favor to her Mom and we had 3 little princesses.
Angie got my Sarah all ready as Cinderella!
Yes, Princess Cinderella, you look beautiful! ...Introducing, Princess Chelsea as Belle!
"Why yes, Prince! I'll dance with you!"

Our 3 princesses...That's Princess Ariel on the right, by the way!

Okay, have to be a prince to be in this photo! That's okay, next time you can dress up!
Here Princess Cinderella is REALLY concentrating on her beautiful portrait!

Well, until I meet my Prince, I'll just have to dance alone! WEEEEE!!


C.J. said...

Now THOSE are some pretty princesses!

Marilyn Pieschke said...

Our girls would have lots of fun playing dress up together. Anna loves it!

Nancy said...

I hope to meet Princess Belle's (Chelsea) other princess friends soon. Yes Jared, you'd make a very handsome prince! Love, Grandma Nancy Hendren