Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Little Zoo Adventure

After church today, we decided to go to the zoo with our friends. We just stayed for a few hours, since we have our membership and can go anytime we enjoy going, even if only for a few hours. Sarah CRACKED me up as we were parking the car. She kept asking me if we were going to the zoo as I drove ALL over the parking lot trying to find a spot. I told her time and time again, "yes, Sarah, as soon as Mama parks the car we are going to the zoo." Finally, I found a spot and started to park in it. She asks me as we are pulling into the spot, "you find a spot? you parking the car, Mama?" I answered, "yes, I found a spot, we're parking the car." To my surprise, she shouts, "AWESOME!!" I think I hurt myself laughing so hard since I've never heard that from her before. What a nut, my girl is...and hearing every word I say, whether I realize it or not.
We rented this double stroller, so we'd have room for our many water bottles and it had a nice sun shade for Sarah. Lili (my best friend's 13 yr old) decided that she wanted a ride, too.

Of course her sister, Tatiana, wanted a ride, too!

This is the coolest alligator I've ever seen...YES, he's white! He has Leucism and according to the zoo, that's not an albino because he has pigment in his eyes, they're blue. He only lacks pigment in his skin. He travels around to different zoos and this summer he's here. All he did was just sit there, but he looked really cool!

Tatiana wanted to pet the baby alligator! They had some 1 year old babies and this was one of them.

Our girls enjoying the zoo...although mine looks scared to death!

Waiting for the Bird Show to begin. We have the best bird's called birds of flight and the birds fly all over the ampitheater, even right over your heads. It is really cool.

Hmm, how did that happen? She lost her piggy tails, and I found some!

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